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Since 2004, we’ve helped people plant and grow their businesses online — from dynamic websites and marketing, to full system support and coaching.




Meet Mouneeb

Founder of 2web

What makes a person tick? Always fascinated by human behavior, Mouneeb graduated university on a mission to bridge the gap between the people at the heart of every business, and the new technology quickly reshaping the planet.

Starting 2web in 2004, Mouneeb and his team have helped people root their businesses online, and grow to their fullest potential.

How We Do It.


What one business needs is different than what another business needs, that’s why not only do we talk to our clients about their goals, their internet knowledge, and their current web presence but also take the time to deeply understand the motivations of our client’s customers. Then we’ll create multiple paths our clients can take, and coach them through it every step of the way.

Then we’ll create multiple paths our clients can take, and coach them through it every step of the way.


Once a plan is decided, the real fun begins. We build people-friendly web experiences that look as great as they perform. We integrate our deep understanding of how our client’s customers behave into the very fabric of their web experience.

Whether it’s a beautifully designed website, or an advanced web application, our team gets it done—both beautifully and reliably.


Building a beautiful website is important, but so is getting people to it. We show our clients all the tools they can use to get their people talking, and set them up to grow beyond what they thought was possible.


Fostering an environment of innovation and empowerment for everyone is what 2web is all about. That means coaching our clients into experts of their own, and supporting our team to be the best they can be.

At the end of the day, we never want our clients to feel like they’re in over their heads.


Succeeding is so much more than getting IT support. For us, it’s deeply understanding our client’s customers behaviour and leading them to our client’s goals with the right tools.

That means keeping a relationship to keep ourselves accountable for our clients to reach their goals.

Our Vision

We provide businesses with a dynamic web development team, as transparent as their own internal department, albeit far more cost effective.

Businesses rely on 2web to support their complete digital needs. We work as an extension of their business—not as another developer amongst a saturated space, but as a member of their team. We’ll leverage all of our strengths and assets to do whatever it takes to fulfill their vision.

Our Mission

We empower businesses and organizations by designing and building everything they’ll ever need to operate online—both in terms they fully understand, and have complete ownership over.

We challenge the status-quo that web developers prey on the ill-informed, by supporting our clients with expert coaching and the utmost transparency at every step of their journey.

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