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People are always looking for a great resort where they can go to relax and unwind with their family. They will almost certainly look up local resorts online to find that perfect place which offers a lot of fun-filled activities along an opportunity to be among the calmness of nature.

So if you have resort properties for sale and would like to see an increase in lot sales and more people coming there for the holidays and weekends, then adding a few of these features to your website could not only help people find it more easily on the web, but also, engage more with your offerings.

1. Buy a Lot

When offering people the chance to own some holiday property like a cabin or a weekend home, provide them with all the information related to the recreational property or real estate that you have for sale on your website. Interested buyers can then call up your resort or come in for a visit to have a look at the cabins or lots for sale.

2. Resort Map

Many people visiting your site would be interested in having a closer look at your available lots before making a purchase. Depending on the circumstances, some people may not actually be able to come check out the locale before they make a purchase.

So one way you can help your visitors understand exactly what amenities and facilities your resort offers is by showing them a map of the resort on your website. The map can contain the lodging areas, activity spots such as parks, or anything else you feel people would be interested in knowing about your resort town.

3. Directions and Road Map

Once your website starts gaining popularity and more people want to invest, it would be very helpful if you provided them with a set of directions they could follow to reach your location. Since people would mostly come to the resort by road, you can offer them an integrated Google Map highlighting your location or a road map they can download or save on their smartphones. They will make use of this road map to help them while travelling to the resort.

4. Photo or Video Gallery Page

It even helps to show your audience a few attractive pictures or videos of the location along with photos of some of the activities they can take part in like fishing, swimming, hunting, etc. You can even give them a preview of the pleasant natural surroundings they can enjoy once they come to your development.

5. Virtual Tour

Apart from having a video or photo gallery of the resort on your website, you could even offer a virtual tour of the site using special software. Visitors to your website can have a 3D virtual tour of your entire resort to see how amazing it is and why it would be the perfect place to visit during summer holidays.

Another option for a virtual tour is aerial videography, such as what Sandy Shores Resort includes in their introductory video.

6. Local Guide

To increase interest and excitement in the area, you can include local guides on your website. Potential lot owners can view the guide online, or download a pdf copy for their every day and offline use.

The local guide should include the history of the area, surrounding areas of interest, possible adventures, and activities to take part in.

7. Activities Guide

Prepare a list of all the activities offered in the area and publish them on a separate activities page on your website. Here you can also mention details like the age groups for each activity, the amount charged and the duration of every activity as well.

8. Event Calendar

Try organizing special events at your resort during the holiday or vacation seasons for families, couples, and children. People wishing to take part in these events can look up your website to get the exact dates and timings of each event.

9. Guestbook

You could even ask some existing owners to post a review about their lot and love of the area in a guestbook on your website. It can serve as a testimonial to the fantastic service they were provided by your company and to the amount of rest and relaxation they experience at your location.

10. Weather Forecasting Apps

Having a weather forecasting app is an interesting feature to have on any hospitality and resort website. Visitors who are using the site can see the exact weather conditions in the area. They would surely enjoy the area more if they visited when the weather is pleasant, so this app could help them decide what would be the right time to visit.

But really, anytime is a good time to visit the lake!

11. Useful Links

You should think about adding certain links to your site, which you feel your visitors would find useful. For instance, you could provide them information about nearby restaurants, canoe or boat rides in the area, camping grounds and other attractions you think that they would be interested in knowing about.

12. Certificates

Displaying certificates or any other laurels that your company has received from any prestigious foundation could help build the credibility of your development. Visitors on your website would even trust your resort to be a suitable and long-term holidaying location.

13. Special Offers

Special offers on lots or special discount prices for activities, events, or adventures would be something that your visitors would surely be searching for on your website. Providing family holiday discounts or any other special deals for guests who frequently visit your website would be highly appreciated by customers.


This is our recommended list of features you should add to your resort properties and leisure development corporation website if you haven’t done so already.

And in case you are currently looking out for a new recreational resort where you can truly relax and spend quality time with your family, then check out the Sandy Shores Resort today!

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