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All set for the next batch of awesome Insta tips?

These are little more pro-level, so I hope you’re prepared. If you don’t know what am I talking about, or where we’re at, then feel free to head on back and get caught up with our first 54 tips.


55. Develop a unique visual style. This might help get you started – Developing Your Visual Style on Instagram

56. Bright lighting highlights the product in the image, making it more appealing and shareable.

57. Keep your Instagram fresh and fun with interesting photos. Maybe you don’t need to a quick snap and post about your morning coffee EVERY DAY.

58. Give the images a professional touch before posting. Try using PhotoShop Express.

59. Don’t go overboard by posting too much of the same  [insert type of content: photographs, videos, galleries, etc] over a short period. Change it up!

60. Experiment with zoom. Create a post that the user needs to zoom to find something more interesting and useful.

61. Sharing an image featuring an influencer in your niche (with their permission of course) to drive engagement and peak user interest.

62. Show off your surroundings (inside workings of the office, external beauty of the surrounding area, your colleagues, your desk, etc). #workspace #desk #officeview


63. Keep the video length between 10 to 30 secs. That should be long enough for you to tell a good story!

64. At times shoot a video directly in the app.

65. Live Videos are a great way to push fresh content and get user engagement.

“Users now share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.” (Via: Instagram)

66. Short interviews answering a user or customer query helps to win them over. You can ask the audience to comment further questions and make this a series. #SeriouslyGoodIdea


67. Create a lot of Instagram Stories – at least once a week (but we really recommend at least three times a week!) You can use these to showcase moments that are less photogenic, that don’t fit into your feed’s theme, to share secrets, and or introduce limited edition content, etc.

100 million users use the “stories” feature Daily. (Via: TechCrunch)

68. Share a quick suggestion or tutorial related to your product, service, or industry.

69. ‘How to’ posts do very well, as they generally solve a user problem or query.

70. Behind-the-scenes story is a great way to spike followers’ interest.

71. Add context to your story with ‘stickers’. It’s kind of a new feature, give it a try! 

tumblr_inline_oigar0a23Z1svf3j7_540  tumblr_inline_oigar5OAAY1svf3j7_540

72. Promote a sale you’re having directly on your Instagram story.

73. Post the popular story straight to your Instagram.

74. Pick and choose who gets to see it your story for better targeting.

75. Give shout-outs or mention other accounts in your InstaStory.

76. Play around with fonts and colour.

77. Share who you’re with or who are visiting your business by mentioning them in your story.

78. Try Stories takeovers with other brands. A takeover is a collaboration where you and another Instagram user or brand appear on each other’s channel and shares content to Stories.


79. Tell the story of how you came up with a picture, or add a useful tip that relates to the image you are posting.

80. Save the posts that you like and can use as inspiration and ideas for your profile. Use the bookmark option on the bottom right of each image.


81. Have a theme in your posts. This should be related to your business. For inspiration think of these few popular options: fashion, humor, wellness, and cooking. Or just watch this fun video on How To Make Your Instagram Theme Perfect

82. Make a weekly calendar about the topics you can post about.

83. Create interesting banner images. “Banner” images are those stylish photo blocks you see on some IG accounts. They use 6 or 9 (sometimes even more!) images to create an enormous photo telling 1 story.


84. Add faces in posts regularly. They help humanize your brand and make a better connection with your followers.

85. Share uplifting, motivational post that resonates with your audience. People like it! #quoteoftheday #qotd #motivationalquote

86. Do you have an office pet? Talking about cats or dogs is always a big seller.

87. Entertain your audience with funny memes.

88. Create Unique Lifestyle posts that capture your brand/office culture. Interestingly, Pizza is the most widely Instagrammed food, directly ahead of steak and sushi.(Via: TelegraphSo make sure you post about those office pizza parties 😉

89. Use Boomerang to make interesting short videos.

90. Try out In-stream tall or In-stream wide sizes at times for variety.


(Image Courtesy:

91. Repost popular content using apps like Websta and Repost.

92. Generate curiosity with teaser posts. You can provide hints about an upcoming event, the latest blog post, or anything you like!

93. Share photo collages. The Layout app is great for this!

94. Post time lapse videos. Create them using the Hyperlapse app.

95. Thank your fans once you reach a follower milestone. 100 followers, 1000 followers, 10000 followers, etc.

96. Create #bestnine moments using Best Nine site. It cumulates the best 9 posts from the year and shares it. Common to use this around the New Year.

97. Make posts where users can share testimonials and reviews of your awesome products and services!

98. Sharing unique and personal moments is a good way to build up a good reputation and brand name.

99. Pay Attention to your most-liked media and reuse that content after a while.

100. Give your followers a first look at or sneak preview of an event, a product or news feature.

101. Give your followers ideas that they can apply in their life. Whether that be in their wardrobe, home, or even kitchen. It all depends on what type of business you have.

102. Conversational and open-ended posts drive the most engagement and response. It is, after all, a ‘Social’ platform. Here’s a great example by DoSomething


103. One way to stand out in a sea of images is to post a cool, compelling illustration. They don’t even have to be super fancy; simple doodles do the trick as well. #variation

104. Sharing your Business Milestones to raise awareness and to help followers develop an understanding and image of your business or brand. Tell them the recent deals you’ve closed, who you’re partnering with now. Maybe you’re putting on the latest big event in said industry!

105. Make your followers laugh by posting funny limericks, situations, etc. They’ll likely enjoy your photo — and may even regram it with others.

106. Posts that empower and promote good causes will enrich your followers’ feeds, and make them love you. #fromliketolove  

107. Share things you cherish and like. As a business or brand, this will attract like-minded audience members.

108. Tell them the tools or products you use. It might look like promoting someone or something else but that’s how you build relationships and trust.

109. Do DIY’s (Do It Yourself). A large percentage of users love seeing new ways to use a product, especially when it looks easy, fun, and accessible. Let PS I Made This motivate you to do so.


110. Share stop motion (gif) type images/video to create variety and interest.

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it here. Do check back soon as we have one last batch of interesting Instagram best practices coming up!

Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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