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Snapchat Re-Brands, Sells Spectacles


Sept 24, 2016 – Snapchat… now known as, Snap Inc., is improving the way people live and communicate.

Not only could you learn a thing or two about re-branding from the team at Snap Inc., but also their new specs offer more ways to capture and share the moments matter from inside your company!

Twitter (Declines to Admit) Talks of Sales


Ongoing, 2016 – Everything is for sale at the right price, am I right? The rumoured suitors include Google, Salesforce, Disney, or Microsoft.

Regardless of ownership, the platform must be ready to implement some big changes in the near future to increase user engagement and revenue. New and unique opportunities may be on the way to let your followers know what’s happening instantly.

Facebook Miscalculates Video Metrics


Sept 23, 2016 – Facebook admits to finding an error in the way they calculated some video metrics.

Your trust in ads analytics or reporting might be somewhat rattled and I don’t blame you! One option is that you may consider buying ads elsewhere, buying fewer or none at all. Or on the other hand, you may start gathering feedback through other means to figure out your return on investment.

LinkedIn Announces Desktop Website Redesign

Sept 22, 2016 – Despite increasing mobile browsing, LinkedIn overhauls desktop experience to provide consistent and simple user experience.

Everyone is focused on providing a world class user experience online, are you?

Yahoo Reveals Massive Data Breach


Sept 22, 2016 – Yahoo confirms at least 500 million users account information was compromised, in 2014.

What a timely and friendly reminder to reemphasize the importance of online security, considering October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. It cannot be stressed enough, you must always take every action and precaution to protect your business, yourself, and your users online.

Twitter Changes Game

Sept 19, 2016 – While I like this A LOT, I can’t help but think it is just Twitter’s attempt to keep up with the more rich media based platforms, but we won’t mention any names here.

What this means is… you now have more opportunity to express yourself and your brand! If 140 characters STILL isn’t enough, you can squeeze more characters in with an image containing text! 😉

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