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Sprout Social Reports Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Social Media


Sprout Social survey reports that the following are annoying things brands should avoid doing on social media:

  • Being too promotional
  • Using words and terms people don’t quite understand
  • Having no face of the brand; no personality
  • Trying to be funny when you’re not
  • Ignoring messages or posting a slow response

#TwitterAwards Celebrates Top Ad Campaigns


Judging hundreds of ad campaigns, the Twitter Awards chose some winners based on creativity, use of live stream, and results seen.

If you’re even thinking about launching a Twitter campaign anytime soon, you should check out the winners collection for inspiration.

PewResearch Center Updates on Social Media Use in 2016


Nov. 11, 2016 – PewResearch Center report “Social Media Update 2016” shows that Facebook remains the most popular social media platform.

While the data is focused on Americans, one would assume similar findings in Canadian results. Still need more convincing that Facebook is where the party is at?…

Instagram Launches Fun New Tools


Nov. 10, 2016 – Instagram releases new tools to help boost engagement, such as “Boomerang” mini videos that plays forward and backward.

My favourite part of these feature updates is the ability to add links inside stories! This is amazing as previously you could only add one link to your profile.

Facebook Dominates (Reviews)


Nov. 7, 2016 – Facebook launches new features (listings, recommendations, direct transactions) that you can use to boost your online reputation.

So if you’re stuck deciding what social network to use, consider Facebook–one of the top 5 sites in Canada–one of your best bets.

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