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Facebook to ask users for selfie images to prove their identity

November 29 – Facebook is about to launch a new feature that will prompt their users to upload a clear selfie image of themselves to prove their identities and access their account. The company claims that they have taken this step as an added security measure to curtail any suspicious activity on the site related to sending friend requests, creating ads or even setting up an account.

According to some users, Facebook had asked them upload a selfie photo of themselves before they were allowed to use their account. The message also stated that the company would delete the image from their servers after the identity check had been done. With this feature, the users who have been asked to verify their identify will be unable to access their accounts till the verification process has been completed.

Apple part of Stanford heart health study

November 30 – Apple’s watch app and the Apple watch have recently been involved in a heart health study conducted by researchers of Stanford University. The study will help the Apple watch users to identify irregular heart beats thereby enabling them to understand their heart health condition.

The study aims to help people with Atrial Fibrillation to keep a check on their heart rhythms, thus preventing heart failure which is one of the main results of an irregular heartbeat. The condition that currently affects around 33.5 million people in the world can now be monitored using the Apple watch’s sensor, which keeping flashing a green light to depict the amount of blood flowing through the wearers wrist.

Business profiles on Instagram have reached 25 million

November 30 – The latest statistics released by Instagram shows that the number of business profiles on the platform have reached a huge number of 25 million. The figures could be interpreted as businesses having realized Instagram’s role in helping them to effectively engage with their audiences.

Instagram provides exclusive features to business accounts including analytics and other functionalities that help give them gain valuable insights about their visitors. The stats also show that over 80 percent of Instagram users currently follow a business and over 200 million users visit a business profile on a daily basis.

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