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Facebook releases new app – Messenger Kids

December 4, 2017 – Facebook has released a new kids centric messenger app called ‘Messenger Kids’. The app allows the kids above the age of six to message other kids and access child appropriate content as well. The app however, can be controlled by the child’s parents. In fact, it is mandatory for the parents of the child using the app to be Facebook friends with the parents of their child’s friends before they can start messaging each other.

While this app can help parents monitor who their child interact with, there is speculation on whether kids will want to use an app that is monitored and controlled by their parents. The parents of users also have the authority set a time limit for using the app, beyond which the child will not be able to continue messaging.

Spending on Mobile App stores to cross $110 billion by 2018

December 5, 2017 – According to recent updates from App Annie, a platform that predicts online app consumer spending trends, shows that overall spending on mobile app stores will be $110 billion by next year. The current leader in app store purchases is the gaming app industry. However, e-commerce, video streaming and other non-gaming apps are also expected to contribute to app store purchases in 2018.

The markets that are expected to contribute to this increase in mobile app store spending are India, Brazil and China. In 2017, India was seen to have a 50 percent increase in mobile phone usage, whereas Brazil saw a 30 percent increase in usage.

Exosuits to help make physical labor more efficient

December 5, 2017 – Exoskeletons are going to help improve the lives of workers and paralysis patients by helping to reduce work injuries and giving paralyzed patients the chance to walk again. Currently, a California based company called Esko bionics, has created an exosuit to help a Ford employee become more productive in installing carbon cans on Ford C-Max cars.

Another Californian company by the name of SuitX, has launched a lower-body support exoskeleton called Phoenix. This motorized exoskeleton has been successfully used in a clinical trial to help a paralyzed man stand and walk. Hence, due to its possible applications in the labor and medical industry, exoskeletons are now grabbing the attention of leading companies like Lowe and Siemens.

Exoskeletons come at a heavy price tag of $6000 for a lower-body suit by SuitX and $4000 for an upper-body one. However, Dr. Kazerooni, the SuitX co-founder has claimed to have sold over 300 suits already.

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