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So your new website just launched (or maybe you’ve had a website online for a while) but you aren’t getting any hits–or traffic to your site. We’ve rounded up these top three ways to attract more visitors to your site.

1 – Search Engines

Google uses over 200 ranking factors (such as content, social, speed, links, keywords, mobile…the list goes on) when determining high SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. What this means for you is over 200 specific opportunities to optimize your search engine position. And if optimized effectively, vastly increasing your opportunities in attracting more, quality traffic to your website.

Overall, one of the most important and easily optimized ranking factors is relevancy. Search engines such as Google return page results that they deem to be most authoritative and applicable to the keywords searched. But you may be wondering, how does Google know what is relevant?

For search engines to know that your site even exists, your website must contain content–content that is both fresh and consistently compelling. This content must also contain keywords and phrases relevant to what your ideal website visitors would be searching (but not in a keyword-stuffing-annoying way!) Search engines believe that your content is amazing when visitors stick, or stay on a page for an extended period of time. It’s like the visitors time spent on the page gives the page a virtual thumbs up to search engines.

From your stellar content, you can generate quality links, garner social shares, develop your position as a thought leader, and in general, increase traffic to your site. But while you’re at it, make sure your website will load fast and that your design is both mobile- AND user-friendly. And don’t forget to provide website visitors with value, something useful, unique, and relevant!

2 – Social Media

Social networks have billions of active users of which the number of active users is also continually growing. This vast reaching, system of interconnected people is another great way to drive visitors to your website. The easiest way that you can attract people to your website through social media is to add your site URL to your social profiles.

Two key points to remember about social media:

#1. Emphasize the SOCIAL in social media

Have you ever been to a party, an informal and fun gathering, where there is that one individual who just won’t stop telling you about their latest adventure or business venture, to the point that you wish you could mark their face as spam? Social media is no different. They are platforms designed to create an engaging dialogue, a two-way avenue of conversation between you and your audience.

#2.  Go where your audience is

Let’s face it. There are just TOO many social channels to effectively manage your presence on all of them at the same time. Therefore, you must focus on the ideal demographics of your target website visitors and find where they hang out online. Here’s a handy chart highlighting the ages of active users of top social platforms by age from Smart Insights:


3 – Paid Campaigns

If you are REALLY serious about attracting quality traffic to your site, paid campaigns are your best bet. Paid advertising options can be cost-effective alternatives and are available with search engines, social media, and with video.

#1. Search Engines

Each of the three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, offers their own paid advertising options. By placing optimized ads with the search engines, you can gain the top position for various searches. You’ll only end up paying when your ideal customers click on an ad from your campaign, after searching for precisely the products and services you offer.

#2. Social Media

All of the big six social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube) offer paid advertisements. Paying for clicks and traffic from these sources can be a great option to attract traffic to your website.

#3. Video

Since YouTube is up there with some of the biggest search engines and most visited sites on the web, it is a great place to promote and attract visitors to your website. You can use YouTube Ads to place banner ads on relevant videos and you’ll only pay when someone actually engages with your ad.

Your favourite ways?

In addition to search engines, social media, and paid campaigns, there are numerous other ways to attract traffic to your website.  Let us know YOUR favourite ways to attract quality traffic to your website by leaving us a comment below.

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