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Do you know what one of the most important elements of a website is? Images. Website images help to capture your visitors’ attention and effectively communicate your company’s brand and message. But I’m not just talking about any type of images. To ensure your visitors are visually engaged you need custom photos that are original and connect with your audience.

So if your website is covered in stock photos and you haven’t invested in custom photos yet, then now is the time to do so! Below I’ve listed the top 4 reasons to help convince you to invest in custom photography for your website.

1. Truly represent your company and brand

Let’s be honest, stock photos are pretty cheesy. And I’m sure that’s the last thing you want your company labeled as, cheesy. You’re in business because you have a product or service that is unique and of value to people. So how are these photos supposed to genuinely represent your business? The answer – they won’t.

With custom photography you are guaranteed images that truly match your company and your message. There’s nothing that represents your business better than photos of your actual company, employees and the culture that exists within. Simple as that.

2. Get the exact shot you need

Why is it that stock photography sites never seem to have the photo you are thinking of? How many times have you been looking through stock imagery and realize you are already on page 25 and still haven’t found the image you are looking for.

By taking custom photos you are able to get the exact shot you have in mind. You can take your vision for your website and truly make it come to life. No more need to look through pages and pages of images only to settle for one that is ‘good enough’.

3. Create a real connection with customers

Have you ever visited a website and when you went to the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” page there was a picture of a generic customer service agent? Now, when you saw the photo of this young person with their headset positioned perfectly on their head and flawlessly smiling against a white background, did you feel a connection? I’m going to say, probably not. And guess what – your customers won’t feel a connection either.

Using custom photos of real employees helps create a sense of trust and reliability with your audience, and can even help to build rapport without even meeting them. You’re customers can tell if the person in the photo actually works at your company and they’ll appreciate being able to relate and connect to real people.

4. Make a lasting first impression

It takes no more than 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for a user to form an opinion about your website, and if you want them to stick around it better be a good one! You need to wow your audience by showing them something original that they haven’t ever encountered before. How are you supposed to do this with stock photos that have been used over and over again? You already know the answer – you can’t.

With custom photography you’re able to create a lasting first impression by showing potential customers something they’ve never seen before. If you establish a unique identity and keep your audience visually engaged, you’ll be sure to make a great impression that keeps your visitors coming back time and time again.

Custom images are a powerful element when it comes to your website. If you want your visitors to truly connect with your company then it’s time to ditch the stock photos and invest in custom photography. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

Do you agree with investing in custom photography for your website? Share your opinions below!

Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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