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Facebook + Small Business + Mobile = Success


Apr. 10, 2017 – Facebook shares great resources with small businesses, highlighting what is possible with their social platform(s):

  • intuitive improvement of ad performance
  • create ads on-the-go
  • discover best practices through the online learning platform
  • communicate and connect with existing customers
  • find new customers

If you’re still on the edge about taking the plunge maybe these stats will help tip your scale to join the party!

  • Facebook – 65 million businesses pages and approx. 1.79 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram – 8 million businesses profiles and approx. 600 million monthly active users.

Google Introduces Similar Items Feature


Apr. 10, 2017 – Gone are the days of boring old results that you WANT to see. Google is rolling out “similar items” feature which displays matching products and images to the user when doing a Google Image Search.

If YOU have products that you want to showcase in similar items (so far they’re just covering the lifestyle, apparel, home & garden categories) be sure to add the product markup to your site (or get your web dev to help you with that!)

Facebook Rolls Out New Video Metrics


Apr. 10, 2017 – Facebook rolled out improvements to page insights that’ll make it easier to analyze your video metrics so you’ll know what to repeat (or what not to do!) next time.

My favourite feature has got to be either the sort by top views or else the date range filter that allows you to view the performance of all of your videos over a specific time frame.

2 Web Design Announces Lunch & Learn



Apr. 6, 2017 – 2 Web Design wants to invite you to discover exactly what makes a great UX and how to deliver it!

Please do register as seats are limited!

Pinterest Shares Growth Announcement


Apr. 5, 2017 – Pinterest shares newest user count, excited that “more people means more ideas.”

Their recent growth is attributed to international markets, so if you’re a visual brand looking to get in touch with others, say, across the pond, maybe it is time to ramp up your Pinterest profile. It is easier now than ever before since they’ve also been advancing the tools for advertisers to connect the right people at right time.

Facebook Shares Insights on IG Content Consumption


Apr. 5, 2017 –  Instagram, c/o Facebook, released findings from a study on consumption of content in pixels (on IG) vs print (magazines) for the fashion, beauty, and fitness industries.

What I was most excited by was their snippet titled “what it means for marketers,” which highlights ways to reach customers. This includes using:

  • stories and shopping to help inspire people to pursue their own passion
  • influencers to gain consumer trust
  • always on media

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