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Let’s be serious for a moment. I have something important to tell you. Unattended cooking or “Careless Cooking” is the most common cause of household fires in North America. Tragically these fires claim the lives of many people, especially our senior population and smoke damage alone can easily cost thousands of dollars. I, like many of you, have never had to deal with such a concern, but I’m sure you know of someone who has. For me it was my cousin. It wasn’t her house, but she was unfortunate enough to live in a town house next door to a dude who left the stove on and passed out. Before she knew it, the fire had spread. Thankfully everyone involved was okay, but it just shows this kind of thing could happen to anyone.

Now, what if there was a watch-dog for your stove? A watch-dog, really? No, not really. Let me explain. Stove Guard International produces a device, “stove guard”, that helps prevent this kind of accident. Originally designed to help early-stage Alzheimer sufferers and persons who wanted to enjoy the benefits of independent living, the stove guard device is manufactured in Saskatoon, SK and marketed all over North America. So how do you get your hands on this device? Well go to their newly redesigned website of course!

Stove Guard International have been a client of ours since we designed their first website in 2009. This is how it looked:

Stove Guard International old website design

However, it’s now 2012, and we all agreed a new website was in order! So what did we do? Firstly, our team of designers completely redesigned the look and feel of the website. The old website homepage became too cluttered with information, so we had to tidy that up. The existing e-Commerce shopping cart and customized Content Management System (CMS) were transferred to the new site too.

A new addition to the site was the integration of customized Social Media pages. To further strengthen their online presence, Stove Guard International understood the power social media can play in this. We created customized Facebook and Twitter pages, an RSS feed for their blog and embedded videos from their YouTube channel. We even created a share icon to allow visitors to the site to share any of the information they see on their own social media accounts. Here’s what we did:

Stove Guard International new website design

For further information regarding Stove Guard International’s products and services, please visit:

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