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Glimpse of Adobe’s Latest Technology


Mar. 23, 2017 –  Adobe wowed people by the marketing potential of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, during their Summit this year.

Some of the amazing technologies they unveiled were:

Marketing VR –  a combination of Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud which uses VR experience for targeted advertising.

Journey AI – an attempt to predict customer sentiment and develop a holistic customer journey.

AI Experience – the perfect instrument which makes recommendations about both layout and content geared toward unique demographic targets.

LinkedIn Introduces “Trending Storyline”


Mar. 22, 2017 –  Since all the other networks are doing their best to improve themselves, then why would LinkedIn stay behind.

Trending Storylines is LinkedIn’s effort to give users what matter most to them professionally. According to LinkedIn “Storylines are daily curated interest-based feeds about the most important developing stories in your industry.”

Well, that surely should make LinkedIn much more interesting.

Facebook Adds Reactions & Mentions to Messenger


Mar. 23, 2017 –  Facebook has been giving a lot of attention to messenger lately, and continuing on that it has now added reactions and mentions as well.

Message Reactions is simply using emoticons to quickly express how you feel in a lightweight way.

To add a reaction, press and hold any message, and then tap to make your selection from the love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes and no emojis.


Mentions is a way to directly notify someone when they’ve been mentioned in a conversation. To mention someone, type the “@” symbol or start typing the first few letters of the name or nickname of the person you want to notify and select them from the list.


Instagram Announces 1 Million Advertisers

Mar. 22, 2017 – With more than one million active monthly advertisers, Instagram has shared what makes people follow brands and buy from them.

  • Passion is the key. People come to Instagram to follow their passions – and those passions extend to brands, with 80% of Instagrammers following a business today.
  • Have compelling but simple content. Try out Boomerang and Hyperlapse to make interesting posts.
  • Simple actions like following people back and tagging influencers can create a bigger ripple effect.

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