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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new responsive web design project. Allegro Montessori School was founded by four families in the fall of 1987 to meet the needs of a small group of Montessori-trained elementary-age children. The school embodies the philosophy of Maria Montessori and provides an educational model that allows children to learn by exploring their environment and encouraging wonder, confidence and joy.

Web Design Project

Allegro Montessori’s pre-existing website was beginning to feel outdated in design, and the school had outgrown some of the functional limitations of it’s core features. They wanted their website to reflect and showcase the environment and core values they strive to incorporate every day for their students and parents.

Public / Private Categorical Calendar

Allegro Montessori School works hard to provide an innovative, interactive, exploratory environment for their students. The calendar on their old website was intended to provide much needed communication with parents about their children’s activities at school. Unfortunately the old calendar was difficult to use and maintain and lacked certain permission features that the school desired.

We provided them with a new Calendar interface that allowed their administrators to maintain all of their events, public and private for all of their classes in one place – quickly, easily, in one simple step. Our system than displays only the appropriate data for each user. Parents no longer need to assess whether an event is relevant to their child – by logging into the new calendar the events are automatically filtered to show only the events that they need to know about.

Responsive Design

A second important feature of the Allegro Montessori website is it’s now fully responsive design – including the calendar. The design concept allows for parents and teachers to access event information, class curriculums and important contact information while on the go from anywhere, on any device.

No matter what part of the website a parent, care-giver or staff member needs to access, the responsive design makes it efficient and intuitive to find the information they require on all platform and screen resolutions.

We encourage you to visit the website on your desktop and/or mobile device to see all that the website features, and Allegro Montessori school has to offer. So go ahead and check out the new and improved Allegro Montessori School website and don’t forget to use the comments section below to tell us how you think our team did on!

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