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When you write a blog, your main objective would be to share some useful content with your audience and as a result, maybe even some direct traffic to your website from your blog shares online.

But on the other hand, you risk unknowingly scaring people away if you’re making too many mistakes on your blog.

Here are 6 of the most common blunders that bloggers usually make when making posts, so that you can identify those areas where you might be going wrong and fix them immediately.

1. Your blog posts are all over the place

Blogging requires discipline and consistency.

You cannot write and publish any random topic you feel like writing about. (Okay, I lied… you CAN post about anything but you may not get the results you want or expect)

If you want your audience to frequently visit your blog site then you need to write content on topics that they would be interested in.

It would also help if you fixed a certain date (how’s every Tuesday look for you?) and time at which you publish fresh content. This would help your audience understand exactly when to look for new content on your website, instead of just keeping them guessing as to when you are going to upload your latest blog.

2. Content stuffing

One of the common mistakes made by many bloggers is just writing content for sake of filling up space on their blog.

But the truth is, your audience is not really interested in endless pages of content… and they are certainly not going to read all of it! What they are looking for is quality over quantity.

This means that your audience would appreciate concise and coherent content that makes sense and sticks to the point being discussed, and really actually helps them out.

If you continue overstuffing your blog pages with fluffy content then you would not only scare away your audience but also discourage any future visits to your blog page, or even your business website for that matter.

3. Writing ‘Blah-Blah’ boring content


You cannot expect internet users to visit your blog site if it is filled with only endless pages of content. There is just so much content that a visitor will read from your blog and then they will just scan the rest. Even if you have published a blog on a topic of interest to your audience, they will still find it dull and boring if you do not space it out well.

A great way to make your blogs even more captivating or engaging is by adding pictures, graphics, and videos to it.

If you are talking about a particular product in your blog, then you should use images or demo videos to generate more interest and curiosity about that product. Including this type of interactive material with your blogs would also increase its shareability.

4. Being unsocial

Whenever internet users come across some useful, relevant, intriguing, compelling, content they like, they will not hesitate to share it with their friends or followers on social media sites.

So don’t make the mistake of not including social share buttons along with every blog that you post. You can also integrate more options for your audience to share your blog, such as the click to tweet function, that automatically shares a pre-populated tweet to the visitors Twitter account. Furthermore, you can make sure that your content is visible on social media by sharing it on the social channels of your company.

If you make it easy for your blog readers to share your posts and it contains some good content, then they’re more likely to share it on their social media accounts without you asking them to do so.

However, if you do not provide them with the ease and convenience of social share buttons, then you have a slim chance of getting your post shared.

5. You are in the dark


Blogging because you think you have to? Because your webmaster told you its good for your SEO? But you have no real plan… well you’re not alone!

If you do not know what kind of content your audience wants, how they have reached your blog, and most importantly, who your audience is in the first place then you have kept yourself in the dark for too long.

There are dozens of online analysis tools that can give you all this information within just a couple of minutes. It is much easier to select a topic and write a great blog when you know what content your audience is searching for.

Tools like Google Analytics can not only help you discover the content that your site visitors find most engaging, how they reached your site, and even some demographic information to give you a better idea of who your audience is. Using tools like this will help you write better blog content that targets those users specifically.

6. Your posts are not optimized

The process of SEO or Search Engine Optimization cannot be overlooked especially if you want to see more traffic coming to your blog site.

Search engines like Google will only display well optimized web pages on top of their search results for any topic. So if your blogs are not optimized for search engines, then it will be a huge blunder on your part.

SEO starts with using the right kind of keywords in the content of your blogs and supporting that content with strong facts. If you would like to know more on how to write effective and seo-friendly blogs, check out the article 5 Simple Ways to Write Better Content for Your Website.

How’d you do?

Your blog needs to be flawless if you want more visitors to view your content and ultimately visit your main website.

So stop making these 6 common blogging blunders and you will avoid scaring off any more of your visitors. For those of you who are just starting with their own blog, make sure you read our tips on how to write your first blog post

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