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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I am from the UK. Whaaaat? I know, I know, shock-horror. So why am I telling you this? Well until I decided to cross the pond and come and live in Canada, more specifically Saskatoon, whenever you heard “Canada” back home you automatically thought of evergreen trees surrounding giant frozen lakes with everyone playing ice hockey (yep, we call it ice hockey in the UK) whilst bears wait patiently for their dinner. “Seriously that’s how the UK imagines Canada, eh?” Yep. Throw a Rocky Mountaineer in there and that pretty much sums you guys up.

Now, when you think of the UK what do you imagine? Bad teeth, warm beer and everyone speaking like the Queen? I thought so. The same has to be said about bagpipes. When you hear the word bagpipes or even the sound of bagpipes, what do you imagine? A rather rotund gentleman dressed in tartan and a kilt with puffy red checks stood atop some mountain range in the highlands of Scotland? Exactly. However, would you imagine the sound of bagpipes emanating from the Canadian Prairies? If your answer is something along the lines of “Err, no” then you’ve clearly never heard of Kinnaird Bagpipes and Reeds!

In 2007 Rob and Rauncie Kinnaird walked through our doors and asked for our help in redesigning what was then their current website. However, the Kinnaird Bagpipe journey started much earlier. In 2000 Rob Kinnaird designed the Piper’s Pal, a reed protector with a humidity control system. The development of the Piper’s Pal became the catalyst to the creation of other unique products and in the last 10 years Rob and Rauncie have grown Kinnaird Bagpipes and Reeds into an international online business with over 3000 products to chose from.

Kinnaird Bagpipes and Reeds new website design

Over these past 5 years we have had the opportunity to work with the Kinnairds on several different website designs and in April this year we launched their new website.

To handle the ever increasing influx of content on to the site we had to redevelop the Content Management System (CMS). With Rob and Rauncie Kinnaird selling more and more products and offering their customers more and more products, we decided the website would benefit from a new custom built and more functional CMS. They can now manage their website content more efficiently.

Other additions to the website along with the redesign and CMS was an improved e-Commerce shopping cart and a link to their Facebook page.

For further information on Kinnaird Bagpipes and Reeds product visit their website. You can also view a more in-depth case study on this project – what we did and how we did it – on our Portfolio page.

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