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On Saturday, 2 Web Design attended Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s Bard’s Birthday Bash fundraiser. The vibe was jolly and the air was filled with laughter. The festivities kicked off with cocktails, a silent auction, and welcome speeches before supper.

With our bellies full of short ribs and an infinite variety of salads, the evening was well underway. The directors of the upcoming three feature performances humorously competed to entice the audience to attend their upcoming shows. (I am going to have to attend them all!) Then it was time for 2WD to shine.

Divya, with the help of Jillian, announced the launch of the newly redesigned website.

non profit arts and theatre website design by web2design

““Mine eyes smell onions” what a perfect example of Shakespeare’s uncanny ability to communicate- be it the thoughts, feelings or emotions. It’s so vivid that “He was not of an age, but for all time!” Likewise, a good website is the one that does all the quintessential communication that transcends time!”

Were you at the Bard’s Birthday Bash? Let us know what your favourite part of the evening was by leaving us a comment below.

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