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[Ep 45] News this week! Microsoft to remove MS Paint in the new update this fall, Facebook making changes in its design to provide better navigation, Google will show 6 seconds preview to make it easier for users to search videos, and LinkedIn added the ‘Active’ status to its messaging! Make your mark in the digital world around you in just 2 minutes with these bytes. Every Tuesday at 2:22.

MS Paint Will No Longer Be a Part of Microsoft Windows


July 24, 2017 – Windows 10 will get a new update this fall, which includes Microsoft Paint no longer being a part of Microsoft Windows.

The program had empowered creative tots and teens alike for 32 years. I can’t help but feel nostalgic–though I hardly ever used it, to be honest.

But if you did, you will still be able to download it via the Windows Store.

Facebook to Tweak Design for Better Navigation


August 15, 2017 –With the intention of making News Feed more conversational and easier to read and navigate, Facebook will be tweaking its design in the coming weeks.

You will see the changes in the:

  • Comment style- Making it easier to see which comments are direct replies to another person.
  • The overall look and feel– For better readability. Like increased color contrast, larger link previews, updated icons, and circular profile picture.

Wait a minute, don’t we already have some these on Instagram? Is Facebook trying to make Instagram obsolete?

Well I guess time will tell. But for now, hope these updates live up to their promises.

Google Updates for Video Search

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.25.34 AM Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.25.46 AM

August 18, 2017 – Yes 2017 is definitely the year of the video.

If you tuned in last week to 2 Web Tuesday, then you would know how YouTube and Facebook have been working to give better video experience. And Google too is trying to get a piece of that cake by improving video results.

Starting today and rolling out more widely next week on the Google app for Android and Chrome on Android. The video results show up in the video carousel, just like text snippets for text results, but now you’ll see videos (and can hover for 6 seconds of play).

LinkedIn Messaging Introduced ‘Active’ Status


August 16, 2017 – LinkedIn has updated its messaging feature by adding the ‘Active’ status option. If you see the small green dot in someone’s profile picture, that would mean they are online at the moment. But if show the green with a white circle inside that means the person is available via mobile app.

But if you prefer to stay hidden, then go to ‘Manage active status’ via settings and simply turn off your status.

LinkedIn claims that this will make it easier for people to connect with each other.

Let’s see how the users take this new feature.

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