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As most scriptwriters can attest to, writing scripts is an arduous and at times, a painstaking task. Sitting there trying to create ideas, and then turning those ideas into dialogue that doesn’t sound false or staged is by no means easy. Obviously Hollywood scriptwriters, or TV show writers (and I exclude TV soap writers, because anyone can write that rubbish) have a talent for it, and even though they may come across “writer’s block”, they’ll always pull through and cross the finish line in classic Hollywood style.

Why? Because there’s always a nice ol’ bar of gold just hanging past the finish line. But what about the amateur or semi-professional script writers? It’s no less easy for them.

Well that’s the beauty of DramaShare, your Christian drama resource center.


Founded in 1985, DramaShare have gone on to become the world’s largest online resource center for royalty-free Christian drama scripts, skits, monologues, and more. With proven ministry organization and training support for entire ministries, DramaShare has touched the lives of thousands and people and it’s been their mission for over 25 years to support churches, colleges, groups, missionaries, and individuals worldwide to express their Christian faith through the powerful medium of drama.

With the growth of DramaShare’s international audience and their demand for more efficient purchasing online, DramaShare approached 2 Web Design Inc. and asked for our assistance in redesigning and redeveloping their website. This is how it unfolded.

Website Design and Development

Our design team created a new and modern look for the website. You will see how the homepage is designed to recreate a stage, which is essentially what DramaShare is about; creating scripts to be performed on stage. The designers created an entirely new and user friendly navigational site-map. This was an unfortunate issue of the previous site. It was expressed to us how their members, and visitors to their then current site found it difficult to navigate and use the website.

We’re pleased to say that this is no longer an issue with the new website!

DramaShare old website design DramaShare new website design

The redesigned product catalog and e-commerce shopping cart is a feature of the new website. Although the previous site had these components too, to make the shopping on the site more efficient for DramaShare’s members, we had our design team create a new look to the shopping cart, and the development team had the lovely job of importing the thousands of scripts into the new website.

What is unique about the shopping cart is how it calculates your payment. It tells you how it would be more beneficial (and less costly) for you to just become a member. The annual membership rates start at $80, so let’s say if you chose a $20 script, when you checkout you will be informed that for $60 more you can be a fully-fledged member with free access to over 2000+ scripts. It really is a no brainer, right?

Mobile Website

A brand new feature for DramaShare was the creation of a mobile e-commerce (or is that m-commerce?) website. We’ll be honest, this was a challenge. Optimizing the website with thousands of products into a mobile version that still allows its members and users to purchase products whilst “on-the-go”, took some time and ingenuity. But we have an exceptional development team. They easily conquered that hurdle without even breaking into a sweat.

Additional work on the website included a Facebook and Twitter theme page design with links integrated from the website to these sites, a link to their LinkedIn account, and the creation of a custom Blog.

For almost 30 years DramaShare have been the world’s largest supplier of royalty-free Christian scripts. We have been blessed to have them located in our home town, and to have worked alongside them throughout this project. So, the next time you’re stuck for a script, a skit, monologue or any other form of drama why not visit their website and, as DramaShare says, God does not call the equipped….He equips the called!

For more information regarding DramaShare’s products and services, contact them via the website. You can also view a more in-depth case study on this project by visiting our Portfolio page.

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