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The non-profit organization, Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre Inc., better known as EGADZ, has been a fan of 2 Web Design since we designed their first website for them in 2008. While EGADZ loved the exposure and awareness their first website was providing, they felt it was time to update the design to match current trends. Recently, we had the opportunity to refresh their site, boosting user experience by improving the site information architecture and enhancing its visual appeal.

Improve Website Organization

One of the problems EGADZ was facing with their old website was the organization and efficient retrieval of information. Simply put… EGADZ has a lot going on! And they required a user-friendly front-end to display all of their details but also an intuitive content management system (back-end) for site administrators. In collaboration with Don Meikle, Executive Director of EGADZ, we were able to restructure the site information architecture, helping them better emphasize their areas of focus, such as their programs and projects, stories,  and sponsors.

In particular, site administrators are able to maintain and update detailed information about their projects and individual initiatives within their programs, including the ability to upload pamphlets for each project for user download. Admins can also select and highlight key successes and stories from these programs to be displayed throughout the site. The “Our Stories,” or highlighted success stories, provide real-life accounts of the positive and lasting impact EGADZ has made on “hard to serve” individuals lives.

Another especially useful, key feature for any non-profit organizational website is the Sponsors Carousel. The Sponsors Carousel component allows administrators to highlight and thank the sponsors and funders that they work with. The CMS allows admins to dynamically drop this block onto any page they want.

Refresh Site Design

Another key issue EGADZ had with their previous website was its dated design. We created a design around the newly reorganized site information architecture to compliment and highlight their featured programs, stories, and events. We updated the colours to create a fun and energetic look, matching the spirit of EGADZ. We also integrated a feature video that admins can change, to keep the site on trend and to boost engagement.

Here’s what Don Meikle, Executive Director of EGADZ, has to say about his web design experiences with 2 Web Design.

Your turn! Please have a look at the newly refreshed EGADZ website and let us know what you think…and stay tuned for some amazing, big things coming from the 2 Web Design/EGADZ collaboration!

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