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Want to take your marketing to the next level on Facebook?

All you need to do is understand the best ways of using the features offered by Facebook for marketing purposes. To help you get started, we will share with you the most important Facebook Marketing features you need to start using if you want to convert a few of those billions of Facebook users into your customers.

1. Facebook Pixel

If you have both a website and an official Facebook page for your business, then you should definitely make use of this amazing tool. Facebook Pixel can help you ensure that your marketing activities do not go in vain by taking your ads directly to their intended audiences. When your advertisements go to the right people, the chances of getting conversions are higher.

To set up Facebook Pixel, you just have to visit the Pixels tab in your Facebook Ads Manager and click create a Pixel. Once it has been created you simply need to add the code to your website and begin tracking all the actions that visitors take when they are on your website. For more information on how to add Facebook Pixel to your site, have a look at this article –

2. Custom Audience

Facebook also has a Custom Audience feature that helps you target the right users based on their browsing and purchasing behaviour. This feature helps you focus your marketing efforts only on those audiences who are most likely to buy the products and services that you are offering.

This nifty feature can easily be set up in the ads create tool. You can also choose the location, age, gender and interests of the audiences you want your ads to be targeted to. Once completed your ads will be shown to the specific audiences you want to target.

3. Facebook Remarketing

Wouldn’t you feel bummed if you knew that visitors were coming to your site but left without making a purchase? Well, Facebook Remarketing can help you to effectively retarget those products which your visitors had viewed on your business website or shown an interest in purchasing.

With the help of this feature, you can now focus on getting more conversions from the portion of your audience who have at least visited your website and checked out your products. So now, if any person leaves your website after viewing a product, you will be able to remarket it and encourage them to buy the product by providing them a discount or any other special offer.

4. Featured Videos

When it comes to marketing, the use of video is always a plus. In fact, statistics show that 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers (Source: Hubspot). So if you already have an official page for your business on Facebook, then why not make use of your videos section and upload a featured video of your business?

If you have a set of videos featuring your business, then choose the best one to put as a featured video in the videos section of your business page on Facebook. Whenever a visitor views this section, the featured video will be the one they see first. You can even upload any other videos you may have about your company in this section.

5. Engagement Adverts

Engagement Adverts are another useful feature offered by Facebook that allows you to increase the reach of your page posts to a wider audience. What’s more, engagement ads also provide you with important information about your posts like how many users have liked a particular post, how many of them have shared your post, the number of comments the post has received, etc.

The increased amount of engagement will mean that the posts on your company Facebook page would have reached a huge group of users, thereby spreading your brand’s awareness on Facebook and improving your chances of getting more customers at the same time.

So what Facebook features do you currently use?

Do you know of any other Facebook features which could help companies get more conversions, other than the ones we have already mentioned above? Well, then let us know what you think are the most valuable marketing features offered by Facebook in the comments section below.

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