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[Ep 30] New this week! Pinterest and Instagram shared some interesting user insights while Facebook and YouTube working on improving user experience. Make your mark in the digital world around you in just 2 minutes with these bytes. Every Tuesday at 2:22.

Know Who’s on Pinterest


Apr. 12, 2017 – Are you still confused about putting efforts into Pinterest? Well then, this is certainly for you.

Skim through these amazing statistics and find out if your target audience is using this platform or not.

And for those who are already active Pinterest, use these insights to plan your next marketing campaign.

apple-touch-icon-192x192“7 in 10 US millennial women use Pinterest (that’s more than Twitter or Snapchat!)”  Click to tweet

Instagram User Study


Apr. 13, 2017 – In trying to get more user stats, Instagram definitely went a step ahead by using Biometric Lens to see how people physiologically react to ads on Instagram.

They found out that respondents focused their attention more on the image portion of the ad than on the other parts. Ahhh…isn’t that interesting?

There is a whole podcast on more such insights that came out of the study.

Facebook Tries to Improve ‘Related Articles’

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 1.03.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-02 at 1.04.03 PM

Apr. 25, 2017 – Remember related articles? The topics that appear on your news feed (based on the ones you have read before.)

What about them, you ask?

Well, Facebook is testing a new feature wherein articles will appear before you read a shared article. These are the articles which many people would be talking about and according to Facebook “will provide people easier access to additional perspectives and information, including articles by third-party fact-checkers.”

For sure I am looking forward to this!

YouTube’s Getting a New Look

YouTube Collision_pg2

May. 02, 2017 – Remember we told you about importance of user experience? If not, you can refresh your memory with ‘Why Does User Experience (UX) Matter?

Applying the same principles, YouTube wants to make itself easier to use and more fun for its users. (Smart move)

They will be applying Material Design to its desktop site to deliver a beautiful, delightful and intuitive user experience.

The key aspects of this new design will be:


  1. Simplicity: Removing visuals that can distract from browsing or watching experience.
  2. Consistency: Aligned across Google platforms, while still providing the features you love.
  3. Beauty: Combining design with purpose for an effortless experience.

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