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[Ep 31] New this week! Google has been making some interesting changes and innovations for the users out there, and we decided to update you on the latest happenings. Make your mark in the digital world around you in just 2 minutes with these bytes. Every Tuesday at 2:22.

Use More Languages in Gboard Now


Apr. 26, 2017 – Gboard now has 22 Indic languages—with transliteration support—including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and Gujarati.

It also added:

  • New text editing mode with buttons for easy cursor control and the ability to select text, cut, copy, and paste right from your keyboard.
  • New customization options to resize and reposition your keyboard

G Suite’s Productive Features

May 04, 2017 – Your G Suite has become much smarter now, with use machine learning models it will make your workday more efficient by taking over menial tasks.


  • Smart Reply will let you generate three natural language responses to an email.
  • Explore in Docs, Slides, and Sheets will eliminate time spent on mundane tasks, like tracking, reformatting or calculating.
  • Quick Access in Drive will predict what you might need based on who you share files with frequently.

Protect Yourself from Email Phishing

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.40.54 AM

May 05, 2017 – Recently some users got tricked into granting access to their contact information, with the intent to spread more phishing emails. But Google was able to catch that and revoked the access to the attacker.

Here are few tips from Google, so you can protect yourself in future

  • Pay attention to any applications or devices you no longer use, as well as any unrecognized devices via Google Security Checkup
  • Look out for the Gmail warnings and alerts
  • Report suspicious emails and other content to Google

Web Pages Accessible Offline in Chrome


May 08, 2017 – Last year Google had made it possible to download a web page, so you can access it later. And this year it went up a notch.

You will now see an option to ‘Download Page Later’ in the offline mode (When the dinosaur appears). So, if tap the download page later, it will automatically download the page for you when you get back online.

Soon you will also be able to see a list of your recent downloads right on the page for easy access.

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