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LinkedIn Shares Secrets to A+ Sponsored Content


Jan. 24, 2017 – LinkedIn shares a study guide to get you started using sponsored content (ads) on the platform. The guide intends to help you target the right audience with rewarding and relevant content to raise awareness, build relationships, and to drive leads.

Facebook + Mobile = I’m Always Shopping


Jan. 19, 2017 – Facebook releases mobile report, stating that “2016 was the first year that [they] saw more mobile conversions than desktop conversions for the entire Holiday Season.”

What does this mean for you?

  • Design for mobile first (almost 40% of visitors will leave if your site takes more than THREE seconds to load)
  • Use a variety of content to reach and engage people on mobile
  • Experiment and blend online/offline experiences

Nielsen Releases 2016 Social Media Report


Jan. 17, 2017 – Nielsen releases new insights and data on social media use. Including these show-stoppers:

  • 13% of heavy social media users clicked an ad within the last 30 days
  • On average Females 18+ spend 6 hours and 33 minutes a week on social media (compared with Males 18+ spending only 4 hours and 23 minutes)
  • 30% of smartphone users said they use their smartphone while watching TV (of those users 58% were visiting Facebook)

For all of the exclusive details download the report on their site.

Pinterest Upgrades Ad Campaigns to Include Ad Groups


Jan. 17, 2017 – Pinterest is rolling out ad groups to give advertisers more control over running their campaigns. They share four ways to use these new ad groups:

  1. as IOs
  2. as targeting clusters (easy to add new creative, great option for “always-on” advertising)
  3. as product lines (group together similar messaging for niche advertising)
  4. as bid optimization (manage bids at the ad group level and group Pins together with similar performance”

For more info check out their help center.

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