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A medium or heavy duty truck dealership’s website should help it in selling its vehicles and/or services to its target audience. This is one of the major reasons why companies spend a lot of time and resources in developing their official websites. It’s not only about getting people to visit the site every now and then to check out the available trucks, but also get them to keep coming back to the website because of the great experience it offers.

We have compiled a list of the must-have features for every commercial truck dealership website that will help you sell to more customers and maintain better relationships with existing ones.

1. Inventory Showcase and Catalogue

People who are thinking of buying a new heavy duty truck would first start their search online. They have a look at many websites to see the selection of vehicles. This is what people usually do before they actually start visiting the dealerships. So the best way you can draw in this specific set of internet users is to keep an up-to-date photo and/or video inventory showcase on your website for them. 

It may also prove useful to include in-depth and detailed information on the trucks that are for sale. This means that besides showing information related to the total price of the car, people will also want certain reading material on the model specifications,  descriptions and maybe even some warranty information.

You can have all this information in one single place, like an easy to browse inventory catalogue. For example, you can give people the option to download a pdf version of the entire available inventory or a specific model and refer to it whenever they want.

2. Financing

Most people who want to buy their own commercial truck are not able to pay the entire amount in a single transaction. They might, however, be interested in paying a regular fixed sum in the form of installments for the vehicle.

You can offer to connect buyers to financial institutions whom you know would offer them the best rate on their installment plan. Or if you offer this type of financing, you can highlight this feature within your site and use a landing page to capture and convert interested financing prospects.

3. Request Service

Apart from providing information on various available trucks, a medium and/or heavy duty truck dealership website should also have features that will cater to the needs of their existing customers. A service request page is one those useful features.

This page can be really helpful to your clients as they can put in service requests for their vehicles by simply visiting your site and entering in a few quick vehicle and contact details on the service request form. It will also help you keep a record of every request received by your customers and attend to them as soon as possible.

4. Chat feature

If it is possible for you to keep service agents online to chat with your clients or the visitors who come to your site, then it would be an added bonus for your website. Your service agents can tackle any issue or resolve some of the basic queries that people might have about purchasing a vehicle or even as for certain car services.

5. Warranty

Warranties are always useful to buyers and it can be offered on plenty of goods and services, even vehicles. By offering a warranty period to your customers, they will perceive you as credible and that you stand behind your product or service.

So buyers would feel at ease knowing that their vehicle will be serviced free of charge during the warranty time period. You can even highlight all minute details of the different warranty packages you are offering.

6. Special Offers

You can even provide offers to car shoppers and offer them special discounts on cars during a festival season. Or you can even announce promotions or special deals for fresh graduates who are currently searching the market for a good deal on their first vehicle.

7. Find a Dealer

Another great feature that many websites are now using is the find a dealer option. When a visitor likes the selection of trucks from your inventory showcase and wants to come and check them out in person, the next thing they’ll look for is the location of your dealership. So if you have multiple dealer locations, this feature will help people find a branch of your dealership that’s closest to their location.

8. Video Gallery

By adding video content of the vehicles you are selling, your website users will be able to see what the actual truck looks like or how it performs before even before taking it for a test drive. If you are about to create many videos like these about your vehicles, why not open up a separate video gallery section on you website? Your visitors will come to this page when they want to check out the videos.

9. Vehicle Customizations

There maybe some enthusiasts who would like to make certain modifications to the trucks they want to purchase from you. For these type of buyers, you can offer a vehicle customization feature on your website, where users of this tool can customize a vehicle of their choice and add different rims, bumpers, colors, headlights and other components of the vehicle.

They can then send the specifications to your service advisors to see if they can design a vehicle as per their requirements.

10. Careers

Every company is always looking to grow in size and operations. So if you are looking to expand your team, then you can easily get eligible candidates to apply directly to your company by having a careers page on your website.

The careers page can display current job listings, as well as allow interested prospects to apply directly, online, through your site.


These are some of the most popular features that will help improve the customer engagement level on any dealership website. Can you think of any more features that would be great to have an automobile site? Then let us know about them in the comments.

Here is an awesome example of a medium duty truck dealership website that we recently launched for Hino Saskatoon!
responsive web design for HinoSask by 2 Web Design in Saskatoon

Let the team know what you think of Hino’s new site by leaving a comment below! We love to hear your feedback.

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