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¡Buenos días! Recently Canada North Environmental Services website administrator, Christine asked 2 Web Design to create a Spanish version of their website.

International Involvement

CanNorth is involved in numerous international projects, including many fluent Spanish countries including Columbia, Argentina, and Chile. CanNorth is currently exploring the South American market for environmental monitoring and community engagement projects for natural resource developments.

Presenting their website content in both Spanish and English languages doubles the CanNorth’s presence in Google. Both the Spanish and English content are indexed and searchable by users, increasing their potential reach.

Easy updating

We updated the back-end content management system of the website, giving the site administrators the ability to maintain all parts of the website in both Spanish and English. On the front end, a link and button were added to the design to allow website visitors to switch between the versions of the website.

More languages, more opportunities

Are you trying to tap into an international audience? Would you like to cater to the increased international traffic on your website, improving their user experience by adding an additional language? By presenting your website content unilingually, that is, only in one language, you are potentially limiting your audience and overall reach. Adding additional languages to your site literally opens up worlds of opportunity for your business or organization.

Vamos! Visit this fresh and bilingual CanNorth site!

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