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There are certain things in life that you are witness to, or you hear about, and you think, why would you do that? How on earth is that enjoyable? Such as roller coasters. I really don’t enjoy roller coasters at all. Why? Well there are 2 reasons: 1. I don’t enjoy the feeling (yes, yes I am a big wuss), and 2. I don’t get it. Where’s the thrill in making yourself feel like that?

Another example would be hot-tubbin’ it in the winter.

Prior to moving here I’d heard about this strange phenomenon where you run outside in your swimsuit, with a case of beer and your toque, and jump into the hot-tub when it’s 25 below. I promise you, if someone had told me that that’s what I’d be doing in the winter and I’d enjoy it, then I would have thought they were mental. But, as it turns out, I don’t just enjoy it, I LOVE IT! And the beauty is, for us who live in Saskatoon, the winter lasts a lifetime, so I get to enjoy it for the next 6 months! Awesome!

However, I was also informed about something else I should try. After sitting in the hot-tub for a bit, I should get out, roll-around in the snow, and then get back in. Er, do WHAT??? I can confidently say I will not be attempting that. Not now, not ever.

Tubbin’ It Website Design

I should probably point out that the hot-tub I’m referring to isn’t mine. I can’t afford such a luxury just yet (ahem, boss?). It’s my in-laws. And quite honestly it’s probably the best investment they’ve ever made (I pretty sure they agree)! However, if and when I’m ready to invest then I’ll be winging my way over to Tubbin’ It.

Originally founded (as We Be Tubbin’) in 2006, Tubbin’ It began life as a hot-tub rental and service company. However, after six years of consistent growth and seeing an opening in the market in which to sell hot-tubs, Tubbin’ It opened their doors in June 2012. Located at 1508 Idylwyld Drive North, Tubbin’ It provides quality products “with realistic prices” in and around the Saskatoon area, and continue to offer rentals and servicing under the We Be Tubbin’ brand.

In order to provide Tubbin’ It with a strong online presence we designed and developed a website that allows them to effectively promote their products; advertise sales and specials; and continue to provide information regarding their hot-tub rentals and service.

You can follow Tubbin’ It on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, or for more information contact them via the website.

Now, where’s my beer and toque?

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