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The latest social TV community site to strike social TV space is Under wraps and in the works for more than three-and-a-half years, has just launched the beta version of their new website. It is designed to help you “keep track of your favorite stuff on TV” and connect audiences and fans around their favorite TV shows across networks.

Even though, for the past few years, the “fans platform” has been powering social TV broadcast networks such as The CW and NBC, founder and CEO Andrew Cuccurullo believes it’s this experience that helps separate from other social TV platforms, “We’ve learned from years of trial and error,” Cuccurullo told Mashable’s Christina Warren.

A new and key component of the website is the personalized playlist. When you sign-up for—either with Facebook or Twitter—you enter your zip code and select your television provider which then allows you to create your customized “Social TV Playlist” of the shows and other content you intend to watch. You are then alerted of when that show is next airing and can communicate this with other users in real-time across their social networks and the platform. allows you to observe live activity streams from other users, see what their friends are saying, follow comments from the cast, and also look at the Twitter feeds associated with the shows. In addition, over the coming months will release HTML5 mobile apps and a developer API. However the best feature on the new website is the integration with the Facebook Timeline to remind you of a shows airing and “what I’m watching” shout-outs, allowing for tailored and personalized programming recommendations.

It’s clear that mission is to empower broadcasters and production companies as they aim to bring viewers together in an integrated way. Unfortunately, at the moment is only available to US residents, or at least anyone with a US zip code.

Are you a user or a member of any other social TV community site?

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