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A Mobile Feast: Restaurant Insights by Facebook


Feb. 9, 2017 – Facebook studied how mobile contributes to diners decisions to satisfy their hunger and found opportunities to better connect with diners.

apple-touch-icon-192x192“60% of frequent diners turn to online reviews to vet potential places to eat”  Click to tweet

So what can you do to better connect with diners?

  • Go mobile (if you haven’t already!!!)
  • Get honest reviews from satisfied customers
  • Create the crave by sharing stunning visual imagery of the food and ambiance
  • Integrate in-store and mobile experiences

3 New Visual Discovery Tools on Pinterest


Feb. 7, 2017 – Pinterest shares new ways to discover things you’ll love! Some of the new features they’re in the process of rolling out include:

  • Cat got your tongue? Soon you’ll have the ability to use your phone camera to take a picture of something you see in the real world to see related pins (for example, you could take a picture of some broccoli and find a recipe for supper!)
  • Tired of the same old? Instant ideas and the ability to unlock related ideas (allowing you to reshape your feed based on items that spark your interest)
  • Making it easier to click & buy! “Shop the look” for fashion and home decor and check out right on Pinterest.

A Millennial Quest: Travel & Shopping Insights by Nielsen


Jan. 24, 2017 – Nielsen’s survey results reveal insights into travel and the Millennial quest of the perfect experience.

apple-touch-icon-192x192“Millennials account for as much as 50% of shoppers in the total retail travel market”  Click to tweet

Seize the opportunity and give them what they’re looking for by providing an amazing experience that will allow you to capture the cash of the Millennial travel retail spend.

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