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It seems like everyday we hear of a new hack, attack, or breach online.

It doesn’t help any, either, that we do everything online or on our phones all of the time. Perhaps using a public internet connection to do some banking???

Whenever an internet user browses the world wide web, there is a lot of information that gets shared between a user and the websites that are opened by the user. It is important that this information is kept secure to protect yourself and your brand from fraud and online attacks.

In this brief article, we will tell you some of the different things that Google is doing to protect their user’s information on the internet and why exactly it should matter to you!

What Google is doing 

Because there is data that gets sent between a user and a website when that user surfs the internet, Google is telling webmasters to take certain steps to improve the security level of their websites, so that their visitors information remains secure.

These measures are taken by Google to keep their user’s data or information from falling into the hands of malicious entities on the web like hackers and spammers. Google mainly uses these security measures to protect internet users and ensure that they have a safe browsing experience.

What actions Google is taking 

When comes to the security of their users, Google makes no compromises.

What’s more, Google has made HTTPS as a ranking signal, so that webmasters are encouraged to adopt HTTPS for their websites to improve ranking and make their sites more secure at the same time.

Additionally, Google will be introducing a few new strategies to improve the encryption of information and prevent the manipulation of information.

How would these changes affect you?

Since Google wants to provide their users with a safe experience online, only those websites that follow proposed guidelines will be given prominence in search engines as opposed to those websites that do not use these secure protocols.

Therefore, if your site does not participate in online security then search engines might not rank your website as high…

To know more about the security measures taken by Google to protect and secure user information, visit our ‘Let’s Talk Google’ event on 24th November 2016 at Innovation Place. Hope to see you there!

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