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For those of you who haven’t been to Marean Lake then I suggest you go. Now, I’m not saying that because we just recently completed a redesign of their website – that’s only half true – but I’ve actually been going there since 2007. And I think the place is great. As most of you know I’m not a great lover of hanging out at the lake for 4 days straight – it’s just something that will never be enjoyment for me, but when I visit Marean I actually have a good time there.

Website Redesign Project

It had been quite a few years since any form of TLC had been paid to the Maren Lake Resort website. The design was archaic and without a user-friendly CMS it made the updating of the website content a headache. But then we stepped in – capes n’ all. Da-duh-daaa!

This website project consisted of:

  • A complete redesign of the website, bringing it into touch with modern design techniques and conventions.
  • A custom built CMS to make the managing of their website content easy for their non-technical website admin.
  • A specialized piece of functionality was developed that allows them to advertize their Cabin Lots that are for sale – the Marean Lake website admin can upload images and lot descriptions which are for sale in the CMS.
  • 3rd party integration – links to Facebook and Twitter, Google maps, and the Weather Network – you want to make sure the weather’s nice before packing your bag, right?

And finally, the new website is responsive. Check it out on your mobile device and watch the magic unfold!

Ready for a redesign of your website or looking to make your already awesome site responsive? Well, then. Stop dawdling and contact us.

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