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MoSo 2014 was a great success and was best described as the “Sundance of digital media conferences” by one of the keynote speakers, Marie Nicola. Conference goers flooded the Broadway area of Saskatoon to listen to over 35 international thought leaders speak on topics such as social media, marketing, music, design, development, mobile and startup. If you missed out, here’s a recap of a few of our favourite talks from day one of MoSo 2014.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity and host of Bloomberg Television. There’s no doubt he was the perfect choice for starting off the conference as he got the crowd fired up with his entertaining and educational presentation on driving change. Here’s a few of the many wise words he had for the crowd.

  • Be a clock changer – If you see something that’s wrong then fix it. Don’t ask for permission or stand around trying to figure out who should fix it, just GO FIX IT. The clock changers are the real business leaders. Jeffrey says there’s four things they’re looking for in the c-suite: 1) problem solvers, not problem seekers 2) change agents for the process 3) cheerleaders who reinforce the goals, and 4) seam operators.
  • Create tension in business – Why are we not creating tension in business? Tension creates the gain we need in business. As leaders of the business we should be taking people from the “centre of the stage” and pushing them to the edge. Become the chief tension officer in your company.
  • “Your brand is a promise delivered” – it’s not about your logo or colours, it’s about the promise you deliver to your customers. You don’t own your brand, in the end it’s your customers who decide what your brand represents.
  • The rule of thirds – 1/3 of the people will get it right away, 1/3 eventually will, and 1/3 never will. That goes for your customers as well as your employees. Stop wasting time focusing on the bottom third and concentrate on the top performers.

April Dunford

April Dunford is COO of Tulip Retail. Prior to joining Tulip, she held executive sales and marketing roles at various successful startups as well as global companies such as IBM and Nortel. April pulled from her past experiences and shared her tips on how to use your small budget to make a big impact. Here are some of her tips for being your best ninja self.

  • Be smarter – Talk to your prospects and customers to find our who they are and what their pain points are. In a small company this is so easy to do and you will gain a better understanding of who your prospects and customers are.
  • Be more focused – Don’t worry about the next million customers, but focus on the next 100 or even 10 customers. Don’t start off thinking you’re going to sell to everyone out there. Think about who your best customers are and what it is about your product that they love. From there you can tailor your sales and marketing directly to them.
  • Be good – Big companies are hard to love because they care about so many different things. As a start up you can be more focused and stand for what your customers care about. Lastly, April says that early customers are extremely important, so love them like you would die without them (because you will). Go out of your way to show them you really appreciate them.

Marie Nicola

Day one of the conference was closed out by Toronto-based digital strategist and co-founder of, Marie Nicola. Her quirky conversational style captured the crowd’s attention while she talked about the lessons she learned coming up in social and shared her secrets on conquering the web and creating viral hits. Here are a few of her tips for creating viral media.

  • The feels – you want to create content that makes your audience have an emotional connection to it. Marie says whether it’s an “aww soo cute” or a “whoa that can’t be real” moment (such as the Volvo Van Damme commercial), you need to create that emotional connection. If you can do that, people will share it.
  • The learns – your audience needs to learn something from it. It may be extremely useful information or it may be something really simple, such as a medal count during the Olympics. If it’s something useful that people want to have, then they’ll share it.
  • One-of-a-kind experience – create something your audience can’t see anywhere else and it’s bound to get shared. Hot Wheels created a life-sized double looped orange racetrack and had two cars race through it. This was an experience only Hot Wheels could of created and as a result minds were blown and the video went viral.
  • Don’t worry about budget – You don’t need a mega budget for something to go viral. You’re only limited by your creativity, not your budget. So dream big, don’t be afraid to take a risk and most importantly don’t give up.
Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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