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Fulbright Arctic Initiative is a network of scholars stimulating the international scientific collaboration, analysis, problem-solving and multidisciplinary research on Arctic issues. They’re examining the relationships and processes around energy (both non-renewable resources and the potential around renewable resources) and what it all means for the future of the Arctic. One of the local scholars participating is our friend Greg Poelzer. You may remember him from, another site we recently launched.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative wanted a blog website to house and showcase their academic research. And they needed that site to be accessible and manageable by multiple scholars across multiple countries! So we were able to set them up with a customized WordPress site to increase their online visibility and to help take their initiative to the next level.

Any device, anytime, anywhere

A key necessity for this website design project was responsive web design. They wanted their students, colleagues, and their other target markets, to be able to access their research with the tap of their finger.

Collaborative Information Sharing

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative website is unique in that it allows multiple authors to log-in, contribute and edit their articles, research, and media. Because there are multiple website administrators, it is easier for the scholars to create compelling and keyword rich content. Not only that but because each of the scholars has their own network or following, the site’s reach is expanded instantly.

Authority and Credibility

Each of the scholars involved has back-end access to the website, meaning that they can go in and easily update their own profile information. These contributor pages, or profiles that the scholars create helps to share their identity and to establish their credibility because of their qualifications and experience. The scholars can also add in links to their existing personal sites and to their social media channels. Interested visitors can also follow each of the scholars on various social media channels, such as ResearchGate. (FYI, ResearchGate is a network linking researchers throughout the world and revolutionizing how research and collaboration happens–check it out!)

To ensure the scholar’s privacy while providing the means to communicate and to create a dialogue with the scholars, the website visitors can contact the scholars via direct email through the website (without the visitor ever seeing the scholar’s email address).

Go now and have a look at the Fulbright Arctic Initiative new academic website and let us know what you think!

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