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Saskatoon-based Edison Homes has been involved in the renovation and construction related industries for three generations and recently established themselves as a Certified Professional Home Builder ready to construct your dreams into a real home. They offer their customers better style and better value. Edison Homes obtained the expertise of 2 Web Design to assist in the building their visual identity and web presence.

Flexible and Dynamic Content Management System

If I do say so myself, the most interesting thing about Edison Homes’ new website design is the site’s capability to grow with the company. Although it is a single page website, all of the features and content are totally dynamic. They have the ability to change all of the titles, the number of, type of, description associated with all of the buttons, services are changeable, and the projects gallery will expand as well as the number their projects increases over time.

Visual Identity

First impressions matter, whether we’re talking homes or web designs. Edison Homes not only required the construction of a visual identity, a.k.a. a logo, they also wanted a stunning, visually pleasing and dominant site to highlight their beautiful projects. We incorporated a banner to highlight their show homes, as well as a project gallery to display and inform visitors of their past, current, and upcoming projects.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

To ensure maximum visibility with their online presence, Edison Homes chose a responsive web design. This will allow their visitors to ask questions and access company information wherever, whenever.

Check out Edison Homes’ new home on the web and let us know how you think the team did!

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