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Raja Trailer & Equipment Sales Ltd. have been manufacturing over 60 different models of truck trailers for over 18 years. Their goal is to build trailers that will work for their customers, through their commitment to quality and safety.  Raja Trailer approached 2 Web Design to collaborate in the manufacturing of an original and modern redesigned website to increase exposure as their company expands.

Website Redesign with CMS

Based on their industry, Raja Trailer wanted a bold design that stands out from the crowd. Although a bit traditional, the strong border lines frame their product prominently and the bold text makes it specifically easy to read through the website.

The website architecture was also refined so customers are able to easily access the product of interest.

A custom content management system allows the website administrators to easily maintain content – which both customers and Google are sure to love!

Product Catalogue

We implemented a product catalogue to showcase each of the trailers Raja offers. The catalogue allows administrators to upload and select trailers to highlight, displaying the images in a gallery complete with description and optional schematic diagrams.

Have a look at the new and let us know what you think?

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