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Jun 5,2023

episode 19

Educating Your Audience with Content, with Cassandra Jowett of PathFactory – copy

In this week’s episode of The Marketing Innovators Podcast, host Mouneeb Shahid speaks with Carlee Groves, Director, Marketing & Communications at CopperTree Analytics.

Carlee’s role includes defining and executing marketing, digital communication, and PR strategies to support the overall corporate goals and objectives of CopperTree Analytics.

She supports the productization of CopperTree’s SaaS software solutions across various vertical markets through numerous acquisition channels while analyzing their results and opportunities for improvement.

Aside from being a full-time mom, Carlee’s passions include optimizing the customer journey and lifecycle from brand awareness to final purchase and customer advocacy, through thought-out demand generation for increased recurring revenue.

Learn more about CopperTree Analytics at

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