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Whether or not this is down to my own ignorance or the fact that I have never immersed myself in the custom fabrication industry, but I just watched a 40 second YouTube video that amazed me. A high pressure water stream—aka a WaterJet—cutting through what appeared to be metal. Sure we have lasers for that, even diamonds, but water? Wow! I had no idea we used water in this way.

You’d think being the son of a mechanic, and from a family that pretty much has an industrial background, I’d know that or I’d at least have some idea of what a waterjet was or that it even existed. But no. I can see them all hanging their heads in shame, along with those lovely individuals over at Precision Hydrojet Ltd., the latest company to jump aboard our website design and development express!

Based in Saskatoon, and a member of the DynaVenture Group, Precision Hydrojet Ltd. specialize in Laser Cutting, Waterjet, and Fabrication and have in the past 25 years grown from just a “small shop with one waterjet cutting table” into an industry leader.

Website Design & Development

So what did we do exactly? Firstly, and as always, we sat down with the client and discussed what they wanted. Immediately it was quite clear: a brand new look with an easy-to-use CMS and the incorporation of social media. Understanding these requirements our happy team of designers and developers set to work on creating something new for Precision Hydrojet Ltd. The result?

Precision Laser new website design

Pretty good, right?

For more information regarding Precision Hydrojet Ltd. and their services contact them via the website.

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