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One of our latest responsive web design projects has been for Dr. Jeff Kushneriuk Dentistry, a Prince Albert dentists office. But before I carry on with our design and development work for this project, I’d first of all like to point out a stereotype that I used to be totally unaware of – that all British people have bad teeth.

For someone who spent most of their life living on the wet and windy shores of the British Isles, with trips to Europe once a year, I had no clue that across the pond in North America they were bad-mouthing (ooohhh, snap!) our teeth. The thing is, I’m fortunate in that I’ve got good teeth. I’ve never had a single cavity or operation in my 31 years on the planet (touch wood!). So this stereotype just didn’t resonate with me at all.

However, now that I live on these North American shores when I watch UK shows or go back home to visit, I pay close attention to people’s teeth and my oh my. I’ve noticed some interesting and somewhat extremely nasty chompers in that part of the world.

Responsive Web Design Project

For Prince Albert-based dental office, Dr. Jeff Kushneriuk Dentistry, we designed and developed a brand new responsive website that they can use as a tool to attract and inform patients. As a “comprehensive general dental office”, Dr. Jeff Kushneriuk Dentistry have made it their mission to contribute to their patients well-being by making sure they “maintain healthy teeth and gums.”

In order to serve their mission, Dr. Jeff Kushneriuk Dentistry offer a variety of patient services for both adult and child patients. Information regarding each service, such as Examinations, Hygiene, Fillings, etc, are displayed at length on the new website. Additionally, each service is linked to the Canadian Dental Association, which they are apart of, for their patients to learn more about each service as well as find other resources.

For more information on Dr. Jeff Kushneriuk Dentistry and their patient services contact them on 306-764-1882 or using their online contact form. You can also let us know what you think of the new Dr. Jeff Kushneriuk Dentistry website by leaving your comments below!

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