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At the start of this year, and when I think about it towards the end of last year too, I came across quite a few online articles regarding responsive web design. Having completed our first responsive web design project in October 2012 – for SARC and SARCAN Recycling – I was amazed about this design “trend” so I sought after more of these articles to read up on the subject. But there was one article on Mashable that stated why 2013 will be the “year of responsive design”. When I read this I thought wait a minute, will it?

I disagreed with the article and left a comment on Mashable’s “comments” section. I’m not blind to the fact that design trends snowball in the web design industry, but I honestly thought that such a “trend” would probably be more apparent later this year, and by next year it would be huge. But, nope. I was wrong. Seriously, who am I to argue with Mr. Mashable himself, Pete Cashmore?

RSB Logistic’s Responsive Website Update

After completing the SARC and SARCAN Recycling responsive web design late last year, which as I mentioned was our first; since January 2013 we’ve completed over 20 responsive web design projects. These projects have included new website designs for new clients, where some clients have straight-up asked for their new website to be adaptable for mobile devices, prior to even mentioning responsive web design. And other projects have been for our existing clients, where we’ve been updating their current websites to make them responsive.

RSB Logistic responsive web design

One of our latest responsive web design projects has been for RSB Logistic. As an international transportation and logistic solution company who specialize in the transportation of hazardous materials (including nuclear), their website is viewed by users all around the world. Prior to the responsive web design implementation their regular desktop website would appear on mobile devices. Now, as you know, us mobile users just LOVE pinching and zooming websites on our tiny screens, right?

No? Why’s that then? Answers below, please.

In addition to the implementation of responsive web design for the RSB Logistic website, we have given the design a brief facelift. This is due in part to RSB Logistic recently undergoing a change in their branding. So out with the sky-blue, that has been apparent on this site since it’s launch in 2011, and in with green.

I think it’s fair to say that so far 2013 has been a very busy year for 2 Web Design and our responsive design projects. The more and more this “trend” is becoming noticed by the regular folks, and not just us industry people, the more responsive web design is going to keep snowballing. So Pete, you were right and I was wrong – 2013 IS the year of responsive web design.

If you’re interested to know more about responsive web design and how it can make your online presence a better experience for your website audience, feel free to contact one of 2 Web Design’s consultants.

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