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Founded in 1997, the Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Strategy – otherwise known as the Saskatoon UAS – was set-up to better address issues facing urban Aboriginal Canadians. At the time, the UAS was designed to increase the coordination within the Canadian Government to align federal programs with provincial and municipal programming in relation to these issues.

Now, almost 20 years later, the Saskatoon UAS provides funding to initiatives to support Urban Aboriginal communities including, promoting self-reliance and life choices for those living in urban centers. This funding has been achieved through sustainable partnership policy development, program coordination at the federal level – including different levels of provincial, municipal, and Aboriginal Governments – and private sector partners.

In order to align the Saskatoon UAS future goals and continue their strategic intent – how Canada’s Government is moving in the right direction to ensure that Aboriginal Canadians living in cities across the county, have greater access to the skills and experiences they need to succeed in an urban environment – it was important to improve their online presence.

Saskatoon UAS – Website Project

As I’m sure most of you can attest to, a website with an outdated appearance or a website that lacks interactivity with its audience is a complete turn-off. And to some extent it makes you think twice about continuing to search for information on the site, because – and I apologize in advance if my next comment is considered offensive – you ask yourself “Are they for real?” If the site doesn’t look legit or in some way it doesn’t have a professional and contemporary appearance, then you leave.

Now, this isn’t to say this was the issue with the previous Saskatoon UAS website – that people were leaving due to it’s unprofessional appearance – but it’s outdated appearance was a concern. This was due in part to the content management system they were using as it restricted the design.

However, after meeting with the Saskatoon UAS project management team, and understanding their current challenges, together it was decided that the new site would be redeveloped with a custom CMS and be given a much more appealing design to attract and engage their audience. The new look and feel Saskatoon UAS website includes:

  • An events calendar – an events feed is highlighted on the homepage – to inform their audience of new and upcoming events
  • A custom Blog, which is a new feature for the Saskatoon UAS
  • Member Login – as a Saskatoon UAS member you can login into the website and access member-only information
  • Integration of social media – Facebook and Twitter

In addition to the new desktop website, a mobile website for Saskatoon UAS has been developed too, to allow their audience to easily view the website on their mobile devices. The mobile site is integrated with their custom CMS so when content is updated on the main website, the mobile site is updated simultaneously.

What’s your opinion of the new Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Strategy website? Please leave you comments below.

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