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Say hi to SAYYES…

SAYYES JEWELLERS is a Canadian company that provides an opportunity for North American residents to buy and sell previously enjoyed diamond rings online – safely and securely.

Jewellery stores are marking up the price of diamond rings by up to 300%. Now, a growing trend for purchasing pre-owned engagement rings on services such as eBay and Kijiji has emerged. These services often lack the assurance of integrity that buyers and sellers desire. Recognizing a great business opportunity when we see one, 2 Web Design partnered with SAYYES to help make their idea sparkle. We created a sleek, innovative and user-friendly website to give buyers and sellers “the number one online market place for previously enjoyed diamond rings” that will allow you to perform transactions with peace of mind, and for a fair price.

So you’re probably wondering, how exactly does this work?

How to Buy

If you’re looking to buy a pre-owned engagement ring you can browse all the rings listed on the SAYYES website for free! This is how it works: (or if you’re a more visual learner, check out the video below!)

  1. Once you find a ring you are happy with you can either make an offer or choose to buy it right away for the listed price.
  2. Secure payment is sent via SAYYES’ secure PayPal page and the payment is held in an Escrow account until the ring is authenticated.
  3. Once SAYYES has received the ring from the seller a GIA-trained gemologist reviews and authenticates the ring to ensure it matches the seller’s description.
  4. If approved, the ring is sent to you and the funds in the Escrow account are released to the seller.

Easy, right?

How to sell

If you’re looking to sell a previously enjoyed engagement ring online, you’ll be happy to know that with SAYYES it is completely free to create an account and and list your items. Here’s what you need to do: (once again if you don’t want to read, watch the video!)

  1. Once you’ve registered, log into your account, click on the link that says “Sell” and start uploading photos (for the best quality photos take a look at these tips on taking photos of your jewellery).
  2. When a buyer purchases your ring their money is held in an Escrow account.
  3. You (the seller) then sends the ring to SAYYES to get authenticated by a GIA- trained gemologist.
  4. Once the ring is authenticated, SAYYES sends the ring to the buyer and you receive a bank cheque for the agreed sale price, minus a 15% commission for gemologist fees.

Now, what if SAYYES finds that the ring does not meet the seller’s description?

In that case, the payment will not be released and an email is sent to the buyer and seller notifying them of the discrepancy. Both parties can negotiate by email for a reduction in price or cancellation of the sale. In the case of a cancellation the fund will be released back to the buyer, and the seller will have to pay the costs associated with shipping the ring back to their location.

why use say yes

  1. SAYYES is a trusted website that protects your interests (whether you’re a buyer or seller) and ensures the handoff is safe from any deceitful behaviour.
  2. Their transaction process is the most safe, trusted and secure method on the market.
  3. Buying pre-owned rings online from sites such as eBay or Kijiji can easily be prone to fraud.
  4. As a SAYYES buyer you can feel assured you are getting exactly what you expected – a high-quality pre-owned ring for your loved one.
  5. If you were to sell pre-owned jewellery to a retailer or pawn shop they may only offer up to 30% of the original sale price (or less!).
  6. As a SAYYES seller you can receive up to 40-70% of the original price you paid for the ring.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out SAYYES JEWELLERS’ new website and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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