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When you hear the word Saskatchewan, what’s your first thought? I know before I moved here my first thought was “how on earth do you spell it?” But after writing it out numerous times on my visa application I managed to put the S’s, the “atch” and the “ewan” in the correct order. Now, after living here for ohhhh just over 2 years, Saskatchewan to me is farming and mining. That’s what I tell most people back home. There are so many fields full of canola, wheat, barley (but zero sheep?) and home to the world’s largest supplier of potash (which is usually followed by an explanation of what potash is).

But, something that I always tend to forgot or rarely mention is the huge construction industry we have here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blind or ignorant to it, it’s just something I seemingly take for granted, and the same has to be said for most cities.


For those of you who work downtown (in any city) look outside and I’m sure you’ll see an abundance of construction: from building renovations to new buildings and housing estates, from improving/expanding the roads to building new roads. And for those of us in Saskatchewan, especially right now in Saskatoon where new buildings and housing are popping up all over the place, we should start to realize just how important the construction industry is to the Saskatchewan economy. The Saskatchewan Construction Association (otherwise known as the SCA), comprising of 1300+ members, is doing exactly that.

As the strong provincial advocacy voice of Saskatchewan’s dynamic construction industry, the SCA provide the construction industry and its members with advice and resources on: HR, Standard Practices, Aboriginal Employment Initiatives, Taxation and Legislative Issues, R&D, etc. With a whole Strategic Plan lined out too, the SCA and its board continue to move the association forward in an ever changing environment.

SCA Website

As a client of ours, we recently transformed the SCA website from looking like this…

saskatchewan construction association old website design

…to now looking like this…

saskatchewan construction association new website design

So what did we do exactly?

The first thing we did was tidy it up. Look at the old site, especially the sponsor logos on the homepage. Since every logo varies in shape and size, there’s no consistency in how they were displayed. With the new website we developed a rotating banner on the right-hand side that displays their sponsor’s logos in a neat and tidy way.

A new and improved feature of the website is their secure Membership Login. Even though the previous website had this component our development team enhanced it so it is more user-friendly (which is always a bonus!), and the following new features:

Username and Password

Each membership has their own username and password so anyone from that company can login and view information. In addition, within the company membership area there’s a separate admin login so only this person(s) can login and edit content.


Members can now buy advertizing space, upload their advert, and this advert is then only viewable within the members directory.

Additional customized components that have been implemented include: a custom CMS, Events Calendar and Board Room Calendar, and a link to their Facebook page.

You can contact the SCA for more information on their services and how you too can become a member. Additionally, you can read a more in-depth case study on this project on our Portfolio page.

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