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Right now I don’t own a house. I rent. For some – like a particular friend of mine who goes on and on about it being “dead money”, which is quite true – they prefer to own than rent. But, for me right now, it’s pretty convenient. Why? Well, for those of you who are a tenant, then you know if anything goes wrong with the place – broken this or that, leaks, etc –  then you just call the landlord and BOOM! The issue is taken care of. Which is what I do all the time! Well, not all the time – I’m a big enough boy to take of most stuff, but some stuff I haven’t a clue.

I’ve alluded to my past before and my lack of technical ability when it comes to “at home jobs”. So right now, I’m content leaving the “big stuff” and by that I mean electrical stuff and things like sealing a bathtub to the experts. The thing is, I know one of these days, I’ll be in a position to buy a place and I’ll be in charge of dealing with this stuff. Although, when I say dealing with it, I mean finding someone who will take care of it for me – but then I will have to PAY them. Urgh, that’s going to suck.

Then again, I suppose I could learn, right? I mean that’s what the Internet is for – finding how to do something that you can’t do? There’s bound to be a ton of YouTube videos for fixing up your house. And on top of that, there are so many products available these days to help clueless idiots like me, to take care of their property. So, phew! Money saved – hi5!

The Web Design Project

One such product that I will consider, if and when the time does come for me to buy a property of my own, is from Seal-It – a Saskatoon based manufacturer and distributor of concrete, metal, and wood sealers and preservers. We recently completed a redesign for them and hence why it sparked my ramble up top.

So, what did we do for them? Well, as a long-time client of ours we have a strong relationship, so we have continually consulted with them over time in regards to their online presence. However, as with all web design or redesign projects we initially meet with the client, assess their requirements, and then formulate a plan. And Seal-it was no different.

Meeting with the Seal-It team we wanted their reasoning for the redesign, see what areas of the previous design were or were not working well for them, and understand if there was any new or enhanced functionality they required. Once this was known, a plan was formulated and the design team created the new look Seal-It website.

The updated design, as you can see, effectively displays their products, and is now equipped with a more user-friendly and informational product catalog – each product has the ability to display Technical Details, Research Articles, and Lab Reports. However, a new addition is the “Testimonial” feature.

Yes, if you click on the Testimonial tab you will see Seal-It’s glowing testimonials from a string of happy customers. But, go and click on a product and look at the testimonials displayed on the right. We’ve devised a system for Seal-It so when a potential customer is viewing a particular product, it pulls in associated testimonials to tell them how awesome it is. Pretty neat, eh?

So, what’s your opinion of the Seal-It design? Please leave your comments in the, er comments section below!

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