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Saskatoon, 1962. The year Don Shaughnessy established Shaughnessy Electric. It was then that Don made a promise to his customers. A promise that not only helped build the foundations of Shaughnessy Electric and turn it into a household name, but a promise that has lasted 50 years. Don’s promise was to continually deliver excellent customer service. Now to some that seems like a pretty easy promise to make, right? Unfortunately no.

Correct me if I’m wrong (there’s plenty of space at the bottom of this post to do that) but nowadays we’re continually treated to sub-standard service. In my eyes genuine customer service has gone out of the window. And it’s never coming back. Let me tell you a story…

I went for a drink with my fiancé in a popular drinking establishment in Saskatoon. We were shown our seats, sat down, and told our server would be along in a moment. Fine. Now this was about 18 months so I might be exaggerating when I tell you what happened next, but I’m pretty sure the words that came out of the server’s mouth was “Drink?” Not a hello or a good ol’ Canadian “Hey, how’s it going?” Just a plain old, I’m bored with my serving job and I’m gonna let it show “Drink?” Still nevermind. We ordered 2 drinks, got them and drank them.

Now it was time for the bill. The server brought it over and—again, it was a while ago so I don’t remember the exact amount but I know it was less than $10—I handed over a $20 bill. Guess what the next sentence was… “Do you want change?”

Wow. That floored me. I couldn’t believe it! Seriously? A $10 tip for bringing us a) 2 drinks and b) an attitude? No way. Of course I wanted change! And that’s just one example from my experience of bad, real bad, customer service. I’m sure you all have your own. I just find it a shame that more companies don’t share Don’s or Shaughnessy Electric’s promise. For them it has been easy. So easy in fact that this year marks their 50th year!

Now under the ownership (and leadership) of Wade Edin, Danny Mantyka, and Ernie Briggs together they have continued Don’s promise. And what better way to celebrate this landmark than with a brand spanking new website!

Prior to teaming up with us Shaughnessy Electric had no web presence of their own. But now, thanks to our superb team they have a website that showcases their history; the services they provide; and what projects they’ve completed and are currently working on.

So, what do you think of their website?

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