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Our newest web design project has been for the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation Inc., otherwise known as SIEF. As one of the first Aboriginal financial institutions in Canada to provide “developmental lending” to First Nation businesses in the province of Saskatchewan, SIEF have, for almost 30 years, continued to help create jobs and encourage economic growth for First Nations people. This is down to their belief that a strong Aboriginal business community means financial independence for ALL First Nations people.

Web Design Project

With an outdated website that was becoming difficult to navigate, update, and effectively promote SIEF’s message, it was decided that a refresh was in order. So, meeting with the SIEF website project management team we began our quest of creating something new.

As previously mentioned, the navigation along with the ability to update the website had become a little challenging. Therefore, steps were taken to implement a new content management system, to make the maintenance of the website easy for SIEF staff, as well as paying close attention to the navigation.

Most of us take great navigation for granted, as in we never notice how good it is because when we “surf”, it’s just easy and stress-free. However, bad navigation stands out like a sore thumb, and this is something what was taken care of in the redesign of the SIEF website. Now, with a brand new and easy-to-use horizontal main menu, SIEF website users can navigate through the site with ease.

In our eyes we have provided SIEF with a great web design and put the tools in place to help them continue their mission online. But, and this is where you come in, what’s your opinion of the new SIEF website? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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