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Every company in the residential construction industry would love a simple and effective way to sell the homes that they have built to those people who are currently thinking of buying a new home. Even though a residential construction company might be famous for the quality of the homes and residences that they construct, it may not always be easy to get people to purchase their real estate. They might have to advertise the available homes in newspapers, magazines, or even on their company website in order to get their audience’s attention.

If you are a home builder and are thinking of new ways to promote your newly constructed homes to potential buyers, then we recommend that you add some the following user engaging features and content to your website as they will help draw in a larger audience whom you can gradually convert into buyers.

1. Guides

One of the first and easiest things you need to include as one of the features of your website is a home guide for every person who is looking to buy a home. There might be a lot of people from your target audience who have never bought a home before, so they will be new to the whole thing.

Although you can offer these guides for free, it is a better approach if you put the resource behind a form that the potential buyer would have to fill out. It is a great way to identify anonymous visitors and provides you with enough information to touch base with them based on their activity on your site. For more information about landing pages, please visit How to Increase Landing Page Conversions

By offering them a guide to buying a home, you can educate your audience on the process of buying property. If they want to know more, they might even contact your office to get more details. You can even offer guides that highlight the greatness of the specific neighbourhoods that you’re currently developing homes in. Any type of related and industry specific guide you choose can give you more leads of potential buyers.

2. Homes Showcase

You should also give potential buyers a sneak peak of all the homes that are currently available for sale, by showcasing them on your website. Have a professional or do-it-yourself and take some attractive photos of the homes from the outside as well as the inside and post them on your website.

Or you can even make a separate gallery section on your website and post the photos there. So any visitor who is using your website can have a small glimpse of what the home would look like, and if they like what they see, then they will probably call your agents to schedule a visit.

3. House Designs / Floor Plans

For those among your audience who are looking to build a home from scratch, you can offer some home designs or floor plans on your website, which can help them in designing their own home. Your audience will be able to browse through various home design plans and contact you for more information on any plan that they like.

4. Construction Process

Another great feature to include on a construction website is an informative overview of the construction process. Since your website visitors may not be familiar with how home building process goes, or if your company offers specialized techniques, it is key to dedicate a section of your website to highlighting your process. It can be presented as can be a simple web page or a dynamic animation–either will contribute to building a trust with your audience.

5. Listings

Listings are a very important feature you need on your website and might probably be one of the first things that your website visitors may be looking for when they come to your site. Here are the different kinds of listings you could place on your site:

  • Homes for sale listing – This showcases all of your homes for sales and is useful for those people who are interested in buying a new home.
  • Open house listings – These listings attract attention towards current listings and helps in driving foot traffic to them.
  • Lot listings – It highlights certain lots that are available for sale. Interested persons can buy these lots and build their homes on it. Very useful for those who want to build their custom homes.
  • Communities listings – These listings will highlight those communities in which a home builder usually constructs homes.

6. Testimonials

Your past clients can be immensely useful in helping you build credibility and trust among your existing and potential customers, by posting their reviews of your services on your website. Testimonials that commend your business on the exemplary work that you have done for your clients will definitely be a reputation booster.

There are two ways you can go about having testimonials on your website. One style is to present all of the reviews on a specific page. This works, but what works better is to strategically present a testimonial or two on each page, so that your visitors will see your good reviews regardless of the page they are on.

7. Request a Free Consultation

Offering free consultations to interested home buyers can give you a chance to interact with some hot leads in the market. You can have a separate page on your website where users can fill in a form with their personal details or queries and then request a free consultation with one of your agents. Your company agents will then contact these prospective clients, interact with them to understand their needs and convert them into buyers over time.

8. Warranty

Home warranties help make repairs and replacements of common home system, structure, and component breakdowns easier.

If you are giving a warranty period for the buildings that you have constructed, then this information would definitely need to be shared on your website for the benefit of your potential clients. It also helps give some peace of mind to new homeowners as buying a home is a big investment.

9. Approved Traders and Suppliers

Another way to build trust with your website visitors is to mention all of the traders and suppliers whom you have approved to provide the materials that are used to construct the homes. This could be vital information for your clients as they would like to know if all the materials used for building their home are bought from a trusted or local source.

10. Affiliates / Associations

Sometimes it even helps to mention the well-known affiliates or associations that your construction company is a part of, as this would improve the reputation and credibility of your business further. Even partnerships with certain real estate giants would be worth mentioning on your website.

11. Awards

Companies that get awards or any other form of public recognition for their contribution to the industry is another huge reputation booster. If your company has received such an award for providing outstanding services to clients, then you should mention it proudly on your site and share it on social media.

12. Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator can help your clients to get an exact estimate of the mortgage amount they will have to pay every month. Buyers will mostly use a mortgage loan while buying a new home, so it makes sense to have a mortgage calculator on your website itself to see how much they can afford.

13. Client login

This feature can be of great help to your existing clientele. A client login portal will give them access to a host of information, right from the documents they are required to submit, to the status of their home that is under construction. You can even share photos of work that has been completed on the home. Clients can even communicate with your company’s agents directly by sending them messages from here.


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What features or content do you believe are essential for a home builder website? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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