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Globally, there are over 2.20 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q1 2018 (Facebook MAUs) which is a 13 percent increase year over year.

Similarly, there are other popular social media platforms which have their individual statistics as well.

Social media users today, they like to share about every tiny, mini, minuscule, infinitesimal details online.

But for business owners, the game is utterly different. It requires a perfect combination of strategy and tools to have to manage their social media profile.

Being one of the most outrageous digital marketing companies in Saskatoon, here we shall discuss about 15 best free tools for managing the social media profiles of your business.

Managing social media profiles for a business is an important daily marketing task.

From planning, to sourcing images, to scheduling the analytics you need certain tools that keep you leading the pack.

Free things stimulate human brain the most!

Yes you heard it right. Let’s have a look at the tools, which you can access free of cost.

But before anything else, do you have your goal set?

If yes, then perhaps it’s the time to build the strategy with all arms.

Trust us; these tools can not only tackle multiple profiles in sync but also refresh your strategy concurrently.

Quite easily, you can run a contest, create a poll, track analytics across platforms, and schedule your post in one place.

Now let’s have a straight conversation about those tools.

1. Hootsuite – This is one social media management platform that can be really effective for building your social media strategy.

Creating content calendar, scheduling post, and setting reminder all can be done together using Hootsuite.

Let’s sum up the ability of this free tool in a few words.

The free basic plan of Hootsuite allows you to –

  • Manage 3 social media profiles at the same time
  • Schedule up to 30 posts in advance.
  • Generate leads with social media contest posting.
  • Have basic analytics for tracking followers, contest statistics, multiple growths and two feed integrations.

Does it seem a basic one to handle your business outreach?

No worries! You are with one of the top performing digital marketing companies in Saskatoon; we would always suggest something that would be better than the previous one.

How about trying the next one?

2. Buffer – Like Hootsuite, Buffer is another most used tool for social media management.

One can easily handle multiple social media profiles in one place. Among the other features, the most liked feature of Buffer is its ability to schedule content simply while browsing other websites on Chrome.

 It also gives you suggestion to post the content bang on time according to the follower activity.

Shall we share a trade secret with you?

Most of the large-scale digital marketing companies in Saskatoon use free features of this tool for their multiple social media profile management.

Free features of Buffer include –

3 social media profile handling, up to 10 post scheduling, utilizing browser extensions and mobile apps (android/iOS) features, and create, schedule posting using their image creator, GIF/Video uploader.

For features like advanced analytics, tracking, and RSS feed you have to go for the paid plan. The plan ranges start from $10 – $399 on a monthly basis.

3. Agorapulse – If you ask us about the most trending social media management tool, our vote definitely goes to Agorapulse.

It’s the most feature-packed platform used by top digital marketers. You can manage all your profiles from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. How incredible is that!

They are providing rich features like- outstanding publishing features, robust content publishing system, stunning visual previews, social media mail box, and customized reporting solution.

But all good things don’t come free right?

Plans of Agorapluse start just at $49/month. But, within this budget the company has quite a lot to offer.

Next up is –

4. TweetDeck – It appears from the name itself that this tool has an endearing compatibility with Twitter.

As an exclusive free feature for the Tweeples, it allows Twitter users to use custom timelines, create and manage posts, search, list, and add team accounts.

It’s the perfect tool for the social marketers who want their conversation to be optimized on Twitter.

5. – If you are looking for shortening the url, paste it on It’s also a click reporting tool and absolutely great for shortening Twitter posts.

It can track the clicks and it helps you understand where your traffic is coming from. Quite impressive!

Having listed in the category of one of the top-most digital marketing companies Saskatoon, we personally suggest you to use this tool for tracking your link performance.

6. Sprout Social – Best known as a powerful social media software, Sprout Social can easily integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. This is a good tool from a digital marketing agency perspective.

An active social media presence is an awe-inspiring stuff. Try to automate it for achieving an enhanced brand reach. Tools can really help a lot.

7. Tailwind – Want to schedule Instagram or Pinterest promotion, then meet the ultimate solution provider.

This tool is an official partner of Pinterest. For creating multi-board pins, calendar scheduling or even bulk uploads, this tool works without any fail.

This app seems a bit partial towards Pinterest.

This tool was designed to assist multiple social accounts, which is why most of the top digital marketing companies Saskatoon ideally use it for their social media management.

8. Unsplash“In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.”– Hans Hoffman

We all agree on the same point i.e. – virtual media is an active part of visual media. High-quality visuals set the mood different for your content.

Not always we suggest purchasing these tools.

There are multiple websites providing free, high-quality images. For us free images mean ‘Unsplash’.

Just type the keyword on the search bar. The double whammy is multiple alternatives of high resolution images and they are absolutely free to download.

If you love Instagram, this is the tool for you.

Enough of promotional game, let’s talk business now:

“Conversion goal setup in Google Analytics is something you don’t want to take lightly. Setting up a wrong match type can report conversions that necessarily are not conversions.”  – Josh McCoy, Organic Conversion Reporting: Is It Accurate? Search Engine Watch

All your efforts will go absolutely in vain. if you can’t measure the ROI of all these efforts.

For the ultimate result measurement of all your efforts you have to strictly focus on Google Analytics.

It will suggest you what amount of traffic is flowing to your site from all the time and resource that you have invested in social media marketing.

It will indicate on which pages users are spending more time on and how much people come to your site from all social media channels.

You will get all these answer by setting Google analytics on your site.

Here neither strategies nor gimmicks would work. It’s a must-have for all web businesses around.

Social media management is not an easy task as it looks like.

Still, using these tools can definitely blow the whistle for a perfect beginning.

The more you use them, the more familiar you become with your social media strategies and their on-time implementations.

Using these tools will surely boost your confidence to a great extent. It will save your time, grow your following, and thrust out more content.

Take more and more advantages of these scheduling tools the best you can.

5-6 social media platforms, 1000 tool options, which one to choose?

Well this is one common question that will haunt you being a beginner to the block.

It’s always the safest option to go by the expert opinion.

But more than anything what should matter to you the most would be your business needs and its purposes.

No one knows or can assess it as good as you do. Sounds good?

Keep your business content up-to-the-minute and choose the right tool and focus with for moving your content far steps ahead of the competitors.

Automate your activity and outshine with all your strategies.

Now we know all the secrets right! And we are 100% sure that you will do great, as we do.

Leave us a comment if you find this discussion helpful for preparing your social media strategy.

Mouneeb is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals online. With over 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and managing a team that develops top-notch web projects, he brings a wealth of information to the teams that he leads and the leaders that he follows.

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