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Chores. Urgh. Ever since we were kids it’s something that we all had to do. We didn’t want to, but deep down you knew by helping out that you’d get some kind of reward. My brother and I used to get some monetary reward – around the $1 mark for cleaning the living room or kitchen. Which when you think of it is borderline slave labor, but we were kids so our cleaning performance would have most likely warranted a $1 each.

Regardless though, it taught us a valuable life lesson. If you got off your ass and cleaned, then you’d live in a nice place. And because you got used to doing it and realizing it’s something that had to be done, you lost that “urgh, I don’t wanna clean” attitude. However, if you didn’t clean then you’d end up living like a dirty pig. So now when it comes to cleaning, it’s just something that I just do. My wife however, hmm. Maybe she’d respond better if there was a reward attached to it?

If I was to pick a single household chore that is my favorite, then it would have to be vacuuming. Why? Well, it’s the only one you can do whilst still watching the TV. Since I live in an apartment I can happily vacuum the living room, kitchen area, and dining room on a Saturday morning whilst keeping one eye on the soccer game. And on top of that, it’s way better than say wiping down countertops, cleaning the oven, or… approaching the bathroom. Seriously, who enjoys any of those?

Website Design Project

With my favorite chore at the forefront of my mind, I’d like to draw your attention to one of our latest responsive website design projects, Saskatoon-based Speedy Vacuum Repair Centre Ltd. For 25 years they have “been selling and servicing the best quality vacuum cleaner brands” with a goal to “deliver superior customer service… and to bring in the latest technology” for their customers.

With no prior online presence – not even a static webpage – it was about time Speedy Vacuum got up to speed (zing!) with the online world, which as we all know, is where you need to be in order to make new friends and customers these days. So what did we do? Well, I obviously encourage you to visit the Speedy Vacuum website to see the great work of our design and development team, but to sum up we provided Speedy Vacuum with a great-looking and interactive website that is current with the latest design trends.

One such design trend is “responsive” web design. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with this design trend, let’s allow Google to explain…

Responsive Web Design Definition

So, in other words the design of the website automatically re-sizes itself depending on the device it is being viewed on. Ta-da!

Feel free to contact Speedy Vacuum for more information on their products and services. Also, tell us what you think about the new Speedy Vacuum website by leaving your comments below!

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