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As a grass roots, community driven, non-profit organization, South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc. (or as I like to call them, the SSRWSI) strives to protect water quality and quantity within the South Saskatchewan River.

With a vision to ensure the long-term economic and cultural well-being of the watershed through ongoing cooperative efforts in ecological protection and conservation; the SSRWSI mission is to continue to inspire and empower individuals, groups, communities and industry within the South Saskatchewan River to participate in stewardship initiatives and activities that will protect the beauty, diversity and integrity of the watershed.

The groundwork for SSRWSI began in January 2004. The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (SWA) invited rural and urban municipalities, First Nations, and special interest groups from within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed to join a Watershed Advisory Board (WAC).

Throughout the next 3 years, meetings took place and discussions were held, including the development of the Source Water Protection Plan. However, by April 2007, SSRWSI was incorporated, and for the past 5 years the organization has continued to grow and partnered with many organizations, including governments, municipalities and environmental organizations.

Website Design Project

In January SSRWSI came to us and asked if we would redesign their website, and since designing (including redesigning) and developing websites is what we do best, we of course said yes!

As with any site that we redesign we first analyze the existing site. We need to evaluate mistakes made with the original design in order to create a better and more functional website architecture/structure for the future website.

SSRWSI old website designOnce the site structure had been finalized our designers and developers dove head first into creating a new and exciting website.

New additions that were developed for the website included: an events calendar, which SSRWSI can now use to efficiently inform their members and other visitors to the website about upcoming fundraisers, conferences, and other events; the photo gallery (including a slideshow functionality) is effective to showcase the many projects that SSRWSI are involved in; and the development of a Custom Blog is also great for SSRWSI to write about past events and projects.

SSRWSI new website design

Contact the SSRWSI for more information on their programs and on how you can become a member.

Once again we are very proud of our design and development teams and what they achieved with SSRWSI’s new website, which leads me to the question: how do you think we did? Also, you can view a more in-depth case study regarding this project on our Portfolio page.

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