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[Ep 10] Covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping data, new product release for Facebook as well as another update to Google. Just 2 minutes to get caught up on what you need to know in online and digital marketing news, published every Tuesday at 2:22.

Adobe Releases Holiday Shopping Data


Nov. 29, 2016 – Adobe Digital Insights releases season totals for online sales from November 1 – 28. Data is based on aggregated and anonymous data from 17.6 billion visits to retail websites. According to the report,

apple-touch-icon-192x192Black Friday has made history as the first day to ever generate over a billion dollars in online   sales from mobile devices” Click to tweet

If you’re not convinced yet of the importance of a mobile strategy… well I just don’t know about you, you may never be!

Facebook Launches Inspirational Creative Hub


Nov. 29, 2016 – Facebook announces new product to assist and inspire advertisers to push the boundaries.

The new Creative Hub allows users to build mockups for ads for Facebook or Instagram that can be previewed “in the wild” to experience it on any device like users would.

The Hub also showcases inspiring ad ideas from other advertisers to show you what is possible!

Nielsen Releases Digital Ad Report


Nov. 22, 2016 – Nielsen‘s new (US-based) report explores how successful mobile ads are at reaching their intended audience.

In summary, they say that mobile campaigns have significantly improved, that “mobile ads reaching their intended audience 60% of the time as of second-quarter 2016 (up from 49% in the same period of 2015).”

Mobile ads are on par with that of desktop ads. Something to consider when planning digital media campaigns.

Google Expands Rich Cards


Nov. 21, 2016 – Google rolls out rich cards to local restaurants and courses (for US-based sites). They are already available for movies and recipes.

Rich Cards are an opportunity to not only stand out in search, but also to attract more targeted users to your page by enhancing your presence on search with rich previews of your content.

While the restaurants and courses rich cards aren’t available for CAN-based sites YET, they are definitely something to keep in mind to be the first to take advantage of when they are here! For demonstrations of these rich cards, check out Google’s Search Gallery.

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