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[Ep 56] News this week! Facebook to bring out an ‘Explore’ tab to showcase branded content, Snapchat falls out of the top 10 in iOS, and Alexa gets the first celebrity voice for the holiday season! Make your mark in the digital world around you in just 2 minutes with these bytes. Every Tuesday at 2:22.

Facebook to Launch ‘Explore’ Tab

October 23, 2017 – Facebook is soon to add an extra tab named ‘Explore’ to showcase the branded content.

According to this new tab, the branded posts will not show in the news feed and would rather require the user to click explore to view the posts by businesses.

It is still being tested but once it goes live everywhere it could surely affect businesses all around the world. And even potentially hit Facebook’s profit.

Or it could be just Facebook’s way to get brands to shell out some more money to get user’s attention.

SnapChat Falls Out of Top 10

November 03, 2017 – In a recent report by SensorTower, Snapchat fell out of the top 10 apps, for the first time this year.

Now there are many reasons that can lead an app to drop, one being fewer downloads but a fall out to rank #18 on iOS is surely a big hit.

Has Instagram really started to hit Snapchat now? Or it could be that SnapChat hasn’t brought something unique to the table well except the filters it keeps launching.

Alexa Gets Celebrity Voice

November 02, 2017 – Voice assistance with a celebrity voice. Hmm, that’s innovative.

Yes, Alexa will be the first voice assistance to have a celebrity voice and it’s none other than Oprah.

It is only for the holiday shopping promotion right now, which Amazon and The Oprah Magazine worked on together.

Hope this catches on though, I would love to have a celebrity voice tell me what to do…

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